In order to prevent infectious diseases and avoid congestion, admission from Friday, January 14, 2022 to Sunday, January 16, 2022 will be by advance reservation system.
For details and notes on how to make a reservation, please check the following.

If you are not registered as a member of “LivePocket”, you will not be able to select the number of tickets and make reservations, so please register as a member.

In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection and to avoid congestion and minimize the formation of queues due to customer concentration, as a safety measure, we will implement entry restrictions for each time zone by advance reservation application (first-come-first-served basis). Please wear a mask when visiting. In addition, the staff will measure the temperature before entering. Depending on the temperature measurement results, you may not be able to enter. Thank you for your understanding.

・Advance reservation application (first-come-first-served basis) does not guarantee the purchase of the products to be sold. Please note that we may be out of stock depending on the situation on the day.
・Purchase for the purpose of resale is not allowed.

[Advance reservation application (first-come-first-served basis) method]Advance reservations for those who wish to enter through the ticket sales service “LivePocket-Ticket-” for customers who wish to enter from January 14 (Fri) to January 16 (Sun), 2022 Applications will be accepted (first-come-first-served basis).

* Children under elementary school age can be accompanied by one parent per guardian, but only the ticket purchaser can purchase the product.
January 12, 2022 (Wednesday) 12:00 to 19:00 on the target day
11:00-20:00 *Last admission 30 minutes before closing *Business hours may change depending on the situation.

・One person can only apply for one time slot per day (one time only).
・If multiple applications are found, they will all be invalid.
For customers who reserve tickets on the day of the event, please check the entrance guidance time of the ticket before making a reservation. Please note that if you have reserved a ticket after the guidance time has passed, you will not be able to enter.

[Flow after the first-come-first-served reservation is confirmed]・If you have confirmed your reservation, please receive the “entry ticket with QR code” from the URL described in the reservation confirmation email, and present the screen on which the QR code is displayed or the paper on which the QR code is printed on the day. .
・Before entering the store, we will authenticate the entrance ticket (read the QR code) and verify your identity, so please do not forget to bring your entrance ticket and ID. If authentication is not possible, we will verify your identity by comparing the application information with your ID.
Something that can confirm your name (driver’s license, insurance card, student ID card, etc.)
*Commuter passes, transportation IC cards, cash cards, and credit cards are invalid.
On the day of the event, please gather 5 minutes before the entrance guidance time written on the entrance ticket.
With this ticket, the store stay time will be 20 minutes.
*Does not include time spent waiting in line at the register.


*This ticket is a ticket that you can line up in the order of the listed numbers. Depending on the congestion situation, you may continue to line up in the entrance waiting line of the previous session.
*It is not a ticket that allows you to enter at the stated time. Please note that re-entry is not permitted for this exhibition.
*Up to 2 tickets can be purchased with one application.
*Distribution of WEB tickets is not allowed.
* For slots other than the 11:00 entrance guide slot each day, please come to “Shibuya Parco B1F GALLERY X front (last of the waiting line)” 5 minutes before the entrance guide time.
*Customers who have reserved the opening time (11:00) admission guide, please come to “Shibuya PARCO B1F GALLERY X front (the end of the waiting line)” after the store opens.
* If you do not arrive within 10 minutes after the entrance guidance time, it will be canceled and you may not be able to enter the store. In addition, customers who arrive late for the entrance guidance time (within 10 minutes from the entrance guidance time) may take time to enter.
*Depending on how crowded the venue is, you may have to wait to enter.
*Valid only for the date and time of entry listed on the entry ticket.
*Admission dates and times cannot be changed due to customer convenience.
*We cannot reissue entry tickets.
*Each entry ticket is valid only once per registered user listed on the ticket.
*The QR code for the entrance ticket can only be used once, so please handle it with care.
*You may not be able to enter the store if the ticket cannot be displayed at the time of entry or if it is extremely difficult to read or authenticate.
* If your mobile phone (smartphone) is lost, damaged, or has lost data, or if you delete the app that issued the entrance ticket, the entrance ticket cannot be reissued.
*If the shop or facility is closed or the business hours are changed due to unavoidable circumstances such as natural disasters, the spread of epidemics, and unforeseen accidents, the corresponding entry ticket will be invalidated and a refund will be given. Substitute tickets for other dates cannot be issued. In that case, please note that we cannot guarantee the expenses (transportation expenses, accommodation expenses, etc.) related to the visit.

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