“Japan Kids Fashion Week 2022” Starts for the world! !! | Japan Kids Fashion Week Steering Committee Press Release

Paris Fashion Week Kid’s Unit Officially Certified “Japan Kids Fashion Week 2022” (JKFW2022) will be held at Yokohama Osanbashi Hall on September 6th (Tuesday) and 7th (Wednesday), 2022. We will inform you of additional information.

“JKFW2022” 1

■ MIU of “JKFW2021” Grand Prix challenges the world! !!

First Grand Prix MIU

MIU, who won the first Grand Prix of Japan Kids Fashion Week, was invited to the “Hong Kong Kids Fashion Week” to be held in Hong Kong in April 2022. In the unlikely event that you cannot participate due to the influence of the new coronavirus, etc., you will be confirmed to appear at the same event to be held in September.

“JKFW2021” 1

■ For “JKFW2022” Grand Prix winners

Hong Kong Kids Fashion Week1

You will be awarded the right to participate in the “Hong Kong Kids Fashion Week” to be held in Hong Kong in 2023.

Airfare and hotel charges are exempted, and guidance for the world has been confirmed.


・ JKFW2023PV appearance

・ PV shooting for overseas agents

Luxury benefits for the world have been decided.

■ About “Hong Kong Kids Fashion Week”

Hong Kong Kids Fashion Week2

The “Hong Kong Kids Fashion Week” held in Hong Kong from September 10th (Fri) to 12th (Mon), 2021 will be held at the “Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center (HKCEC)” on the waterfront of Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island. “It was held in. “HKCEC” has the largest convention facility in Hong Kong with a total area of ​​220,1968 m2, and the high-rise building has hotels (Grand Hyatt Hong Kong and Renaissance Hong Kong Harbor View Hotel) and condominiums. “Hong Kong Kids Fashion Week” is one of the largest kids fashion events in Hong Kong and is attracting worldwide attention.

Hong Kong Kids Fashion Week3

Hong Kong Kids Fashion Week4

■ You can enter until you are 18 years old! !!


In “JKFW2021”, the age of the application condition was 15 years old, but I want to make the dreams of many children come true! !! And in order to fulfill the wishes of many people, the age of the application condition is 18 years old (age as of September 5, 2022).

“JKFW2022” 2

■ What is “Japan Kids Fashion Week”?

“JKFW2021” 2

Paris Fashion Week Kid’s Unit Officially certified “Japan Kids Fashion Week” was held for the first time in Japan on October 4th (Monday) and 5th (Tuesday), 2021 at Nagoya Nogakudo to thoroughly spread the new corona virus infection. It is a large-scale kids fashion event.

It was an event to support the dreams of children who want to be active in the world, and it attracted attention from all over the world and was taken up by many media and became a hot topic.

■ Entry to “JKFW2022”

“JKFW2021” 3

・ Target size: Children who can wear clothes size 110cm-180cm

・ Target age: 4 to 18 years old (age as of September 5, 2022)

* Anyone who is inexperienced or belongs to the office can apply. (However, the consent of the affiliated office is required)

* Parent-child co-starring or adult collaboration planning

From November 1, 2021 (Monday) to January 31, 2022 (Monday)

* Recruitment will end as soon as the capacity is reached.

In order to produce world-class kids models from Japan, the grand prix will be decided in the preliminary and final selections according to the international standard guidance plan and the contest format in the actual production.

Participants will be instructed by a certified instructor who will teach an international standard lesson curriculum. Yuko (winner of the “World Supermodel Production 2019” World Championship Grand Prix) and Saori Iwata (Mrs. Japan 2020 Semi-Grand Prix, Mrs. Legend 2020 Japan Representative) who served as judges of JKFW2021 have been decided as special certified instructors, and will be certified instructors in the future. Recruited nationwide.

Contestants are given a level certification test for walking and posing skills based on international standards from 10th grade to 1st grade. Lesson classes will be set up for each level, a promotion test will be conducted on the final day of the lesson, and the qualifying category will be decided.

We will set up an exemption frame for participation fees for children certified by the “School Support System” established by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

After the contestants are decided, a voting period will be set up on the popularity voting site.

November-Recruitment & selection interview (participants will be decided by the end of March) Recruitment will end as soon as the capacity is reached.

March Contestant Level Certification Exam

April-May Pre-voting

June-August lesson (pre-participation level certification test is also conducted)

September production

≪Entry site≫

“JKFW2021” 4

■ Outline of the event

Event name: Japan Kids Fashion Week 2022

Date and time: September 6th (Tuesday) -September 7th (Wednesday), 2022

* September 5, 2022 (Monday) Costume matching / shooting / rehearsal

Venue: Yokohama Osanbashi Hall

Planning / Production: Japan Kids Fashion Week Steering Committee

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