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Spend a weekend in a villa produced by “Safari”.

A villa renovation project started in collaboration with “Safari” x ! Nakakaruizawa, which is rapidly gaining popularity as a destination for two-base living, was selected for the stage. The two-story villa, which was owned by the chairman of a famous company, already has a good atmosphere, but when I hear that it will be reborn even more coolly, I can’t help but expect it.

[Details of the villa]
Main building: 2LDK / 201㎡, hanare: 2L / 62㎡
Location / Karuizawa Town, Kitasaku District, Nagano Prefecture
Date of construction / Scheduled to be completed in March 2022
Price / 230 million yen planned

Have a house in nature a little away from the city center. Such a lifestyle that was once considered a luxury may have become a familiar option after going through New Normal. Then, , which has a good reputation for living space design that makes you feel mid-century, was launched. This is a project in which the male of the house design and “Safari”, which promotes the West Coast lifestyle, collaborate to renovate and sell the entire villa.

Built in 2004 and the skeleton is still active. The main building in the photo is a two-story building, and there is a garage and a stock room on the 1st floor hidden on the slope.The floor plan where the second floor, which looks like a one-story building, is the center of life
The planned site is about 10 minutes by car from Naka Karuizawa Station. A corner of the Sengataki Nishi distinction villa area where elegant villas are lined up in a wooded area where larch and birch grow. On a spacious site of 660 tsubo, there are two buildings with a modern appearance that combine wood and concrete, separated from the main building. In the center of the garden where the trees of the forest are left, there is a trace of an old waterway that separates the two buildings. It is also an exquisite production that enhances the “untouched nature” mood.

In the living room of the main building, there is a large opening that is connected to the terrace. The remote building that can be seen beyond the trees is a stilt-type one-story building that ensures ventilation.A dream grows as to how to use it properly with the main building

The approach leading from the gate to the main building is the tall trees that blend in with the surrounding thickets.Around the garage, which will be the face from the front, we plan to add some effort

The natural wood used indoors, such as the ceiling and floor, has become more glossy and tasty in 18 years. “I’m happy about how to leave and change,” says Hosoda.

Spacious living and dining room. What kind of furniture will be installed here?Of course, I plan to keep the fireplace alive.

A room with a villa-like atmosphere and a sloping ceiling.A beautiful birch can be seen outside the window

A hanare that can be seen beyond the stream on the premises.We plan to repaint the outer walls and roof

The main building can be seen from the large window like a painting.The wide eaves make the building feel comfortable

By seeing the main building from inside the room, you can feel the connection even if you say “away”.

Originally a villa used privately by the chairman of a certain company. The current main building has an LDK with a fireplace, a bedroom, a guest room, etc. There is also a bathroom where you can enjoy the forests of the four seasons. It seems that the detachment was used for visitors. Mr. Kunihiko Hosoda, director of , has high expectations for the potential of this building. “The green scenery cut out from the large opening of the living room and the openness of the terrace are very nice. The water around the kitchen and bath is functionally arranged, but this is just a villa. I want to create a space where I can spend a relaxing time. I have an image that it will be a cool place to listen to the voices of birds on the terrace and watch the snow, which suits the quiet time of adults. ”

Completion is scheduled for March next year. How will this house, which waits for a new resident, be reborn? Please look forward to it.


With “Safari” x
Create a cozy space.

If you have read this article and would like to purchase the Sengataki Nishi Hidden Villa introduced this time, please contact us at the following address!
In addition, please feel free to contact us for renovation of your home or office. “Safari” will propose a living space that suits your lifestyle together with the interior design company HOUSETRAD.

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