Qoo10 Fashion Trend Report # 26 Excellent compatibility with street-like fashion!Bucket hats made of fluffy material are popular

EBay Japan GK (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Gu Jahyun), which operates the comprehensive Internet shopping mall “Qoo10”, collects various fashion-related trend information from user trends.

This time, we will announce the popularity ranking of Qoo10’s “hat” category. Bucket hats, which go well with street-like fashion, continue to be popular this winter. A fluffy bucket hat using trendy materials such as fur has been ranked in.

[BINGO COCO]Bucket fur hat

■ Qoo10 Fashion Trend & Ranking[Hat]

<1st place>

Shop / Item:[BINGO COCO]Bucket Fur Hat


<2nd place>

Shop / Item:[THESEA]Bucket hat


<3rd place>

Shop / Item:[THESEA]Bucket hat


<4th place>

Shop / Item:[CHIC_SHOW]Plush hat


<5th place>

Shop / Item:[LOOK]Boa Bucket Hat

* Data extraction period: November 24th to December 7th, 2021

The ranking is based on the number of units sold in the “Hat” category on the Qoo10 ( site.

In this survey, bucket hats ranked 1st to 5th, and their popularity was reaffirmed. Especially popular are the fluffy ones that use faux fur, which has become a trend as a material for fashion accessories. Since it is volumey and has a strong presence, it can be used as an accent for simple coordination, and if you wear it deeply, you can aim for a small face effect. If you add it to the beautiful style, you can enjoy a higher-grade fashion with a sense of omission. Korean idols also wear bucket hats, which has spurred their popularity.

[Rank-in item]

■[BINGO COCO]Bucket fur hat

[BINGO COCO]Bucket fur hat

Faux fur bucket hat with 8 colors

■[CHIC_SHOW]Plush hat

[CHIC_SHOW]Plush hat

A fluffy and cute hat like a stuffed animal

■[LOOK]Boa bucket hat

[LOOK]Boa bucket hat

The fluffy feeling of the bore is cute!

[Attention item]

■[VARZAR]Fur logo point bucket

[VARZAR]Fur logo point bucket

Farbakeha that has been processed to prevent it from losing its shape!



Classic bucket hat from New York

[EBay Japan GK]

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