In 2022, the “Restart Travel Campaign” will be held to travel to Japan again | Mori Trust Hotels & Resorts Co., Ltd. Press Release


In the “Restart Travel Campaign” that we are developing this time, we will have you rediscover the charm of the area where our hotel is operated, and we will support the long-distance trips that we have been refraining from and the trips with family and friends. I will send.

The first of these is “Let’s Leg Stretching Trip!”. Since the Korona-ka, micro-tourism by moving within the prefecture and moving to neighboring prefectures has become the mainstream, and there are many voices of travelers who want to travel out. Therefore, depending on the distance from the reservation person’s home to the location of the 10 target hotels to be used, benefits such as accommodation vouchers that can be used at the next stay will be presented. We support outing trips that stretch your legs and make a fresh start.
In addition, in order to support the spread of the “New Corona Vaccination Certificate App” officially approved by the Japanese government as a hotel operator, those who present the vaccination certificate by this app when using the target hotel will have one drink at dinner at the hotel. We will serve you.

At Mori Trust Hotels & Resorts, in order to revitalize the Japanese economy, Mori Trust Hotels & Resorts will be positive and willing to consider and promote exciting plans and new measures as a hotel operator leading the tourism industry in order to revitalize the Japanese economy. I will come.

  • About “Restart Travel Campaign”

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A campaign to support travel plans with family and friends that could not be done before for those who are refraining from long-distance travel or domestic travel due to Korona-ka. We will prepare various benefits and plans at the target in-house managed hotel, and we will propose products that will be positive and exciting even at With Corona.

Official website:

  • About “Let’s Leg Stretching Trip!”


In “Let’s Foot Stretching Trip!”, Depending on the distance from the reservation person’s home to the location of the 10 target hotels to be used, benefits that can be used at the next stay will be presented from the official LINE. In the neighboring prefectures excluding the neighboring prefectures from the location of the hotel, the pair breakfast ticket will be upgraded to within 300km and 700km from there, and outside the farthest 700km area, a pair accommodation ticket with half board will be presented. Why don’t you take this opportunity to check the distance between your area and the hotel you want to use and plan your trip.

Overview of “Let’s Leg Stretching Trip!”
Period: January 14, 2022 (Friday) -February 28, 2022 (Monday)
Benefits: One of four types of tickets that can be used at the next stay (1 benefit per group)
Benefits will be decided according to the prefecture where the reservation person lives.
① 1 night 2 meals pair accommodation voucher
② Pair accommodation voucher (without meals)
③ Pair dinner ticket
④ Pair breakfast ticket
* The benefits listed are subject to change.
* Please check the official website of each hotel for product details and availability.
* The benefits can only be used by the person who received the benefits.

How to use “Let’s foot extension trip!”
Step ①: From the “Restart Travel Campaign” official website (, scroll to the “Confirm the benefits of your residence” display. ..
Step②: Select your prefecture from the pull-down menu of “Select your prefecture”.
Step ③: If you select the prefecture where you live, the benefits for each hotel will be displayed accordingly.
Step ④: Decide which hotel you want to use in Step ③, and you can jump to the official website of each hotel from “Hotel Details / Reservation” at the bottom of the official website, and make a reservation from there.

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Step ⑤: On the day of use, please tell the hotel staff that you are using “Let’s Legs Travel!”. We will add friends to your LINE official account and send you benefits according to the distance between your home and your hotel.

* Those who have already made a reservation can also use “Let’s Foot Stretching Trip!” By registering on the official LINE.
* You may be asked to show the address of the person who made the reservation at the time of stay.


  • Benefits when using the “New Corona Vaccination Certificate App”

At hotels eligible for “Let’s Foot Stretching Trip!”, We will offer one drink at dinner to those who have shown that they have been vaccinated with the “New Corona Vaccination Certificate App”.
* This is a privilege only for those who have dinner at the hotel restaurant on the day.

<< Inquiries regarding hotel use >>
Fuji Marriott Hotel Yamanakako
TEL: 0555-65-6400 (Representative) URL:
Karuizawa Marriott Hotel
TEL: 0267-46-6611 (Representative) URL:
Izu Marriott Hotel Shuzenji
TEL: 0558-72-1311 (Representative) URL:
Lake Biwa Marriott Hotel
TEL: 077-585-6100 (Representative) URL:
Nanki Shirahama Marriott Hotel
TEL: 0739-43-2600 (Representative) URL:
Courtyard by Marriott Hakuba
TEL: 0261-72-8511 (Representative) URL:
Resort Hotel Laforet Nasu
TEL: 0287-76-1811 (Representative) URL:
Laforet Club Hakone Gora Yunosumi
TEL: 0460-82-2121 (Representative) URL:
Rafore Club Ito Onsen Yunoiwa
TEL: 0557-37-3133 (Representative) URL:
Hotel Laforet Shuzenji
TEL: 0558-72-3311 (Representative) URL:


  • About efforts to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection in hotels

As a countermeasure against infectious diseases caused by the new coronavirus, the hotel puts the health and safety of customers and employees first, and takes thorough infection control measures so that customers can use the hotel with peace of mind.

[Public space initiatives]・ Installation of alcohol disinfectant in lobbies, restaurants, restrooms, etc.
・ Strengthen regular disinfection of areas that customers often touch, such as doorknobs and buttons in elevators.
・ Ensuring social distance, such as increasing the space between seats in restaurants, etc.
[Efforts for hotel staff]・ Daily physical condition check such as temperature measurement, and if you have a fever of 37.0 degrees or higher or are not in good physical condition, wait at home
・ Introduced a system to manage behavioral standards and employee health when they are in poor physical condition
[Request to customers]・ Wearing a mask when visiting the museum and cooperating with alcohol disinfection of hands and fingers
・ Temperature measurement when staying at a restaurant or using a restaurant

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