VTuber “Ichika Oiwato” belonging to Virtual Production VASE will be unveiled in 3D! | Press release of Art Stone Entertainment Co., Ltd.

At 20:00 on Sunday, January 2, 2022, VTuber “Oiwato Ichika”, who belongs to Virtual Production VASE, delivered a 3D unveiling.

While being watched by the fans, he showed off his 3D full-body appearance and sang on stage, and it was a great success.
In the future, we will also focus on 3D distribution and further expand the range of activities.

  • Ichika Oiwato (Oiwa and Ichika)

Yoshiyuki OiwatoYoshiyuki Oiwato

A bright and energetic girl who is the god of the White Snake Shrine.
I love talking, playing games, and humans.
We are looking forward to seeing worshipers (fans) visiting the shrine every day.
The pet is Tsuchinoko, and the name is “Ichinoko”.


Yoshiyuki Oiwato

YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsrqAPiUUS2UtgFZHJlQMoA

Various goods are sold at the VASE official online shop.
There are some popular items that must be sold out, so be sure to buy them as soon as possible.

Yoshiyuki Oiwato Tapestry

Ichika Oiwato Mouse Pad

New Year January Voice



[~ A place that connects two worlds ~] Started in May 2020.
We want to bring emotions and smiles to many people from the virtual world in the best way we can.
Together with you, I want to create a world of eternal entertainment where dreams never end.
From such a feeling, this place that connects the virtual space and the real world was born.
We will create new era works every day so that we can bridge the feelings of everyone and the virtual talents we belong to.

・ VASE official website: https://www.vase.tokyo/
・ VASE Official Twitter:https://twitter.com/vase_ase
・ VASE official online shop: https://vase.booth.pm/


  • Art Stone Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Art Stone Entertainment Co., Ltd.Art Stone Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Established in Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture in April 2018.
A music entertainment agency to which local characters closely related to the community, such as the local character “Bakegoro” in Matsudo City, belong.
Pursuing memorable entertainment.
The company’s talent is making a major debut and is actively developing activities.

Company Profile
Company name: Art Stone Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Headquarters: Hamatomo Building 406, 15-4 Honcho, Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture
Sales office: 4-37-3 Kuramae, Taito-ku, Tokyo Demes Kuramae 1403
Representative: Setsuko Itakura, CEO

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