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Q. If you wear it on Halle’s day, which of the following furisode would you choose? Please choose the one that is closest to you.


A: Purple furisode
B: Red furisode
C: Yellow furisode
D: Light blue furisode

Which one did you choose? Let’s take a look at the results.

What you can see in this psychological test

Ease of love at first sight

In deep psychology, “Hare’s Day” is a special day for you, so it is a situation that suggests a fateful event. And “furisode” means the existence that you want to show yourself well, that is, the object of love.

Therefore, depending on the furisode you choose, you can explore your “love at first sight”.

A: You who chose “purple furisode” … I don’t want to admit love at first sight

Even if you fall in love at first sight, it seems that there are places where you can lie to your feelings. Even if I was wondering “what a wonderful person” at the bottom of my heart, I would cover the emotions that arose, saying “But I wouldn’t be interested in me anyway.”

Therefore, the game is only when you have the opportunity to meet for the second time! When you can be honest with your feelings, “I like it”, the waves of emotions will overflow.

B: You who chose “red furisode” … fall in love at a glance and then answer

You are the type who can’t tell the difference between love at first sight and serious love. Because I’m always in love with a head-to-head game. No matter how you meet, you’re a pretty realist, so it’s up to you to look closely at the other person and see if they really suit you.

Therefore, even if you fall in love at a glance, you will unknowingly start the work of “matching the answers” from there. That is what invites a love affair without mistakes.

C: You who chose “Yellow Furisode” … A natural love at first sight

You can say that you are in love at first sight. You are a love-loving type who sways as your emotions go from one to the next. Because I observe the surroundings closely, I can feel the feeling, the atmosphere, and the destiny that flows to the other person and myself by breathing.

Because it’s a sensation, sometimes it’s a belief. However, love often begins with a belief. Follow your sensibility as it is.

D: You who chose “light blue furisode” … I rarely fall in love at first sight

I don’t seem to fall in love at first sight. But that’s why when you fall in love at a glance, you’ll feel the shock of an electric shock. You will be exposed to the waves of joy and excitement as if you found another piece that perfectly matched your puzzle piece.

Because you rarely fall in love at first sight, you are the one who turns into a romantic makeover that surprises you.

in conclusion

“Love at first sight” feels like a little romance, but I think it’s actually the purest emotion.

It is very courageous to like someone when you don’t know anything about the other person’s conditions. I think I felt the fate of an electric shock. It’s good to leave yourself to such a feeling of love at first sight and enjoy love.

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