FOOD STYLE Kansai × (one company) Restaurant Tech Association special project 2nd! “Miraino Omise 2022 Winter-Let’s open the door of food and drink DX at Restaurant Tech !!-“

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  • What is Miraino Omise?

“Miraino Omise” is an online conference specializing in food and drink DX.
It was held for the first time in May 2021 and was attended by more than 300 customers. This is the second time for us to carry it. In the midst of headwinds caused by corona, the restaurant industry has many concerns about the future, such as a shortage of workers, a decrease in the number of visitors due to a decline in drinking needs, and inbound demand with no visible exit, and stronger restaurant management is required in the future. .. With the development of technologies such as AI, big data, and robots, problem-solving of products that make full use of IT has become a major trend in the world regardless of the industry, and the momentum is further increasing due to the Korona-ka. In addition, the efforts of food and beverage companies are being closely watched from the aspect of SDGs, such as “regional revitalization” and “environmental conservation” starting from “food”. The business environment, technological developments, and people’s values ​​are changing and diversifying rapidly every few years, not decades. Isn’t it necessary for food and beverage management to “respond to change and diversity” in order to advance to “what we should be”?
At the “Miraino Omise 2022 Winter” to be held this time, we will invite innovative speakers to experience how the future of food and beverage management will change with DX.

If you are a restaurant owner or a person who wants to liven up the industry, please join us.


  • Day1 Session1 Tuesday, January 11th 13: 00-14: 20 “What is DX?”

A prologue-like session for this event. What is DX that is a buzzword in the first place? What kind of changes (both positive and negative) will the idea of ​​DX and the IT technology that supports it bring to food and beverage management? Please discuss the attitude to promote DX.

Yui Itani (FOOD STYLE Kansai 2022 Secretariat Marketing Leader)
Hidekazu Kono (Director, Food Solution Sales Department, Infomart Corporation)
Mr. Yuji Mashiko (Executive Officer, Sales Manager, dinii Co., Ltd.)
Mr. Satoshi Yoshida (Representative Director of Core Driven Co., Ltd.)


  • Day1 Session2 Tuesday, January 11th, 14: 30-15: 50 “Recruitment Education”

Most of the food service industry, which is a labor-intensive business, is a student because low-wage part-time jobs are the main force. At the longest, most of them leave their jobs as soon as they graduate, so the ROI of education costs tends to be low. Recently, there are some situations where the store cannot be opened due to the lack of staff to resume business after the state of emergency is lifted. In this session, you will discuss the future of the restaurant industry, where DX has advanced, in the fields of “HR” such as “recruitment” and “human resources education”, which are the most important in restaurant management.

Takanori Ishibashi (Executive Officer, Timee, Inc., Director, Spotwork Research Institute)
Mr. Soki Kanno (Representative Director of Appli Lab Co., Ltd.)
Mr. Katsuhiko Sato (Representative Director of TANREN Co., Ltd.)
Hiroshi Yamakawa (Representative Director, Restaurant Management Association of the Future)


  • Day2 Session3 Wednesday, January 12th 13: 00-14: 20 “Customer Market”

At restaurants, various systems such as POS sales data, reservation system customer data, and ordering system purchase data hold data. On the other hand, there are many problems such as low level of proficiency in data utilization methods and inconvenience that data cannot be used immediately due to system non-linkage. In this session, we will discuss how to utilize digital to transform food and beverage management.

Mr. Hitoshi Nakamura (Representative Director of Toreta, Ltd.)
Mr. Yosei Hida (CEO of Mobile Order Lab Co., Ltd.)
Mikako Mochizuki (TableCheck PR Manager, Inc.)
Hanako Tajima (Executive Officer, Sales Promotion Office Manager, Zetton Co., Ltd.)


  • Day2 Session4 Wednesday, January 12th, 14: 30-15: 50 “Trend”

Trends surrounding eating and drinking are changing day by day and are changing at a tremendous rate in recent years. In addition, there are various ways in which trends are born, such as those created by numerous SNS and global trends such as the SDGs. How will it change with the growth of digital, such as how to create trends, discover trends, and ride trends? We will discuss how the environment surrounding eating and drinking will change.

Takamitsu Kano (Representative Director, Wakoto Co., Ltd.)
Mr. Kazuma Kawagoe (Representative Director of Co-Cooking Co., Ltd.)
Toshiyuki Kiyomiya (CEO of Lamp Co., Ltd.)
Mr. Kuni Takeda (Representative Director of Keinotes Co., Ltd.)

Application: Application:

  • Day3 Session5 Thursday, January 13th 13: 00-14: 20 “Inbound”

Due to the Korona-ka, domestic tourism is gradually recovering, but the number of tourists from overseas has decreased sharply, which has a great impact on food and beverage management. When we look to recover in the future, digital technology that has evolved significantly from before Corona will be able to make a big and positive change in attracting tourists and responding to customer service. We will discuss the future of inbound DX from examples from around the world and cases other than eating and drinking.

Yu Taniguchi (Representative Director of TableCheck Inc.)
Kenichi Niitsu (Representative Director of Japan Shopping Tourism Association)
Koichi Fukami (Chairman, Japan Food Business Internationalization Association)
Koichi Honda (Representative Director of Postus Co., Ltd.)


  • Day3 Session6 Thursday, January 13th, 14: 30-15: 50 “Customer Service”

“Customer service” is one of the most important specifications of restaurant management. On the other hand, technologies such as serving robots and mobile orders aimed at saving labor due to a shortage of staff are also developing, but it is also a fact that there is concern that the introduction of technology will lead to a decrease in “customer service”. In this session, we will discuss the transformation of “customer service” through “coexistence of technology and people”.

Maki Kondo (General Manager, Project Promotion Headquarters, Softbank Robotics Co., Ltd.)
Hiroyuki Toyama (Vice President, LEAD LIVE COMPANY Co., Ltd.)
Mr. Ichiro Nakatani (Representative Director, Turin Garden Co., Ltd.)
Mr. Seiichi Yamaguchi (Mt.SQUARE CSO Co., Ltd.)


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