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Collaboration items by Ginori 1735 and Mina Perhonen are back on the stage on the 1st floor of the Isetan Shinjuku Main Building!


Plates ¥ 3,850 ~ ¥ 22,000, etc. * Items vary because they are manufactured with non-standard products that were generated when they were inspected in Japan after they arrived in Japan from an Italian factory. In addition to plates, it is manufactured with various items such as cups and bowls.

The famous kiln “Ginori 1735”, which was founded in Florence, Italy in 1735, announced a new collection “Wonderful mOOn -casa-” in collaboration with Mina Perhonen. Pre-sale at the Mitsukoshi Isetan online store until January 10th, and then limited sale at The Stage on the 1st floor of the Isetan Shinjuku store main building from January 12th to 18th.

This new collection “Wonderful Moon” is a collection in which Akira Minagawa breathes new life into the standard items of Ginori 1735, which has deviated from Japan’s strict inspection standards. The motifs drawn by Akira Minagawa will be designed and sold in Japan on classic collections such as Beckio Jinori and Antico Shape, which are also popular in Japan, and plates and cups for hotels and restaurants that are not normally sold on the market. Therefore, it may be difficult to arrange table coordination in the same series or items for the number of people, but please use the items that you encountered at that time as an accent for coordination or as a unique treasure. The idea of ​​”Tara …” is included.

“Our hands and ideas are connected, materials are met, things are born, and life lives in them. They are not as perfect as we are. The differences that each person carries are unique. Akira Minagawa commented, “I created a life by adding a new landscape to the appearance of the person.” Because things are also things born from people, “I thought of a life with dialogue with things.”

For this collection, Akira Minagawa drew natural creatures such as rabbits, birds, leaves and flowers that you can spend your time in the fantasy world of “Wonderful Moon”. Just as the creatures living in the woods spin a story, the scenery created by combining vessels seems to make the dining table warm and gentle.

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Ginori 1735 x Mina Perhonen Collinho (Rabbit) Plate (17cm) ¥ 4,400 each, (20cm) ¥ 5,500

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Ginori 1735 x Mina Perhonen Campana (Moon Bell) Oval Plate (25cm) ¥ 8,250, Plate (16cm) ¥ 4,400, Plate (27cm) ¥ 8,250 (Sequentially delivered from late February)

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