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“FUDGE” will start a new shopping event on the 20th anniversary of this year

Thanks to fashion and progress, “FUDGE” is the 20th anniversary of its first publication this year! In commemoration of the anniversary year, various projects and events will start. Maybe we can meet FUDGE girls all over the country in 2022 !?

Following the announcement of the new logo in the February issue of “FUDGE” released today, January 12th (Wednesday), the new shopping event “FUDGE Marche” of “FUDGE” will be held immediately! During the period from February 19, 2022 (Sat) to February 27, 2022 (Sun), in collaboration with Kyoto City, Demachi Masugata Shopping Street (Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto City), Old Mitsui Family Shimogamo Bettei (Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City) ).

As with “FUDGE”, which is the 20th anniversary of the first issue of the event, “Traditional Industry Day” authorized by Kyoto City will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2022, so collaboration has been decided. Under the theme of “Kyoto’s traditional industry x FUDGE”, we will create items that express the world view of “FUDGE” by utilizing the techniques and materials of Kyoto’s traditional industry.

In addition, handmade artists who are active in the official online store “FUDGE ONLINE” of “FUDGE” and influencers who develop clothes and accessories produced by themselves gather in a fashionable space in Kyoto city. Please look forward to a new shopping event with wonderful items that have the charm of old and new!

* The contents may be canceled or changed depending on the spread of new coronavirus infection.

What is the point of “FUDGE Marché” that you want to keep in mind before going out?

1. Create new possibilities for traditional industries in Kyoto

Leaders of traditional industries living in Kyoto create works that imbue the world of “FUDGE”! We will challenge the collaboration of “Kyoto’s traditional industry x fashion” and develop works with unprecedented originality.

2. A space where you can experience the culture of Kyoto with all five senses

Fashion events with “shopping streets” and “important cultural properties” as venues are unique to Kyoto, a city that creates a fusion of industry and culture!

Since there are many universities in the vicinity of “Demachi Masugata Shopping Street”, it is responsible for creating the liveliness of the Demachi neighborhood in the form of a fusion of old and new, and you can feel the connection with the local culture and people unique to Kyoto’s shopping street. can do.

The “Old Mitsui Family Shimogamo Bettei” is designated as an important cultural property as a famous building in modern Kyoto. It is a valuable space unique to Kyoto where you can enjoy the aesthetic sense of the Mitsui family, a wealthy merchant scattered everywhere, and enjoy the historical and cultural values.

3. Various writers and contents expressing the world view of “FUDGE” to Kyoto

Writers and influencers who are active in the official online store “FUDGE ONLINE” gather, and many items that can only be purchased here are lined up. In addition, you can experience the world view realistically, such as enjoying movies and coffee selected by “FUDGE” at the venue.

Check by venue! Anxious content of “FUDGE Marché”

Demachi Masugata Shopping Street Venue

Through the collaboration of “Shotengai” and “FUDGE”, which is a lively place created by the interaction of many people, “Marche” unique to Kyoto is developed. “FUDGE” produces the contents of movies and cafes with the concept of premium experiences such as “can’t see”, “can’t buy”, and “can’t eat” only here. FUDGE girls will get together and develop a plan to go around the shopping district.

■ FUDGE Select movie screening
Venue: Demachiza
Address: 133 Miyoshi-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto

■ Offering FUDGE select coffee and special menus at the cafe in the shopping district
Store: Lion Kitchen
Address: 1F, Masugata Building, 23 Omotecho, Kamigyo-ku

Store: DELTA
Address: 62 Saneicho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto

Store: SOU
Address: 65-1 Isshin-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto

Store: Demachiza Soko
Address: 1F, Demachiza, 132 Miyoshi-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto

■ Exhibition and sale of “Kyoto Traditional Industry x FUDGE” works
Store: El camino
Address: 132 Miyoshi-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto

■ Sale of gift certificates with premiums that can be used in the shopping district during the period
* Ends when the planned number is sold out. Please check the details such as the release date from the following site.

Former Mitsui Family Shimogamo Bettei Venue

At the important cultural property “Old Mitsui Family Shimogamo Bettei”, in addition to “Kyoto’s traditional industry x FUDGE” works, works by writers and influencers who are active in FUDGE’s official online store “FUDGE ONLINE” will also be exhibited. I will sell it. Many works limited to the venue! During the period, a special exhibition will be held on the 2nd floor of the main building, where you can enjoy the charm of important cultural properties that mix with the world view of “FUDGE”. Kyoto’s traditional industrial craftsmen and FUDGE select writers, each “maker” will visit, so enjoy communication!


Produced since 2009. He was involved in the decoration and production of weddings at the hotel’s flower shop, which has led to the current production. With the theme of “flowers and colors in everyday life,” we produce irotoridori accessories centered on earrings and hair ornaments that are easy to incorporate into casual days.

– – –

nico + isT

A collaboration brand launched in 2016 by nail technicians and accessory designers. Revolves around nails, accessories, and phone cases. I am good at design with a little edge.

– – –


Wooden jewelery born from two conflicting values ​​of nature and luxury. It is nostalgic but new with its own technique applied to natural materials. You can enjoy your own special jewelry.

Bespoke item: Ear cuff (Trees in dresses) ¥ 8800

– – –


I am also Lulu. You too, Lulu. Kittens, sparrows, dandelions, all Lulu-san. Lulu is full.

Bespoke item: Key chain (Lulu’s Maiko) ¥ 2200

– – –


It is a brand of accessories and miscellaneous goods in Kyoto that develops with the concept of “discovering new texture and beauty by laminating materials”. “Plying” = “ply + ~ ing” Enjoy the simplicity of wood and the transparency of acrylic, and a new texture with two expressions.

Bespoke item: Single flower vase (ICHIRIN VASE) ¥ 3850

– – –


A sister unit of designers and artists that started in London in 2005. We develop fashion items that reconstruct old materials and art with the theme of nature.

Bespoke item: Jewelry case ¥ 5280

– – –


“A casual accent in everyday life …” We make accessories that are easy to use in any situation and are a little exciting when worn. The ui. accessories use only one beautiful natural stone in the world. Each natural stone has its own color and shape, so it is characterized by its unique design.

Bespoke item: Earrings DROP SET ¥ 7150

– – –


“ONKUL DAIRY STORE” held in Sendagaya, Tokyo in October 2021 will open for the first time in Kyoto. Select and sell “tools related to daily life that you really want” that the editorial department of “ONKUL”, a sister magazine of “FUDGE” thinks. Collaboration products with domestic brands that continue to make things seriously are also lined up.

riko yamamoto / morceau

An accessory brand by riko who is also active as FUDGENA. With the idea that “I want a small brand to make someone big happy,” we use materials such as brass and silver that can be enjoyed over time, and create them one by one by hand. We will develop accessories that fit into our daily lives through free manufacturing that is not bound by the mold.

yoshinari ami / Twenty-two

Directed by ami, who appears in TOKYO Snap. At the age of 22 when I launched the brand, I was energetic and enthusiastic, and I named it so that I wouldn’t forget that feeling. We select and produce clothes that make you feel better just by wearing them. We have a wide range of colorful items, men’s-like and feminine items.


Based on the concept of “a secret research institute for beauty,” people who actively adopt excellent domestic and organic raw materials without compromising on raw materials, and who use them closely with the effects that can be felt and the lifestyle that changes every day. A hair product brand that approaches the sensibilities of.


Cosmetics that create new habits with 90% or more of naturally derived ingredients, including refreshing mist that can be used for clothes, hair, and skin, using high-quality “Kakishibu” from Kyoto and Yamashiro as ingredients. Deployment. At this event, accessories that utilize Japanese technology and Japanese vintage flower bases will also be on sale.


Period: February 19th (Sat) -February 27th (Sun), 2022
* The former Mitsui Family Shimogamo Bettei will be held only on February 26th (Sat) and 27th (Sun).

Venue: ⑴ Demachi Masugata Shopping Street
Address: Nishincho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture

Venue: ⑵ Former Mitsui Family Shimogamo Bettei
Address: 58-2 Shimogamo Miyakawa-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

Fee: Former Mitsui Family Shimogamo Bettei Admission fee is required only at the venue. Please check at the venue entrance for details.

FUDGE Marche visitors General 700 yen, junior high and high school students 400 yen, elementary school students 300 yen

* The official Instagram follower of the Old Mitsui Family Shimogamo Bettei will be a special public ticket of 700 yen → 500 yen (200 yen discount) on the 2nd floor of the Old Mitsui Family Shimogamo Bettei. Please show the terminal screen when you enter! (There is no discount for junior and senior high school students)

Organized and co-sponsored by: “Traditional Industry Day” Executive Committee, Kyoto City, Kyoto Traditional Industry Exchange Center, Demachi Masugata Shopping Street, Former Mitsui Family Shimogamo Bettei Management Consortium

Business cooperation: Sanei Co., Ltd., Keihan Electric Railway Co., Ltd.

* The contents may be canceled or changed depending on the spread of new coronavirus infection.

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