Qoo10 Fashion Trend Report # 28 The medium skirt has a slender silhouette for a clean look! Raise your eyes with a high waist and improve your style ♪

EBay Japan GK (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Gu Jahyun), which operates the comprehensive Internet shopping mall “Qoo10”, collects various fashion-related trend information from user trends.

This time, we will announce the popularity ranking of Qoo10’s “medium skirt” category. With a slim silhouette such as a tight skirt, skirts made of warm materials such as knit and brushed back are ranked high.

Qoo10 Fashion Trend & Ranking[Medium Skirt]

■ Qoo10 Fashion Trend & Ranking[Medium skirt]

<1st place>

Shop / Item:[L_Hapiness]Knit tight skirt


<2nd place>

Shop / Item:[Nemo]Selectable 3 length wool blend tight skirt


<3rd place>

Shop / Item:[SOO SHOW]Plaid knit skirt


<4th place>

Shop / Item:[SOO SHOW]Heart pattern knit skirt


<5th place>

Shop / Item:[Honey on Days]Selectable design Back brushed skirt


* Data extraction period: December 1st to December 31st, 2021

The ranking is based on the number of units sold in the “Medium Skirt” category on the Qoo10 ( site.

The “medium skirt” has a well-balanced and neat impression and is an indispensable item for coordinating adults and girls. By combining the recently popular oversized tops with voluminous oversized tops and bottoms with a slender silhouette with a high waist, you can raise your eyes and expect a style-up effect.

Even in the popularity ranking of Qoo10, slender skirts are gaining popularity. The 1st place knit tight skirt is a piece that is easy to move with a tight but elastic knit material and a back slit. The 3rd and 4th place are slender midi skirts that are popular for their cute patterns. You can enjoy a well-balanced outfit with a high waist. In 5th place was a skirt made of brushed back material that was warm and soft to the touch.

【First place】

■[L_Hapiness]Knit tight skirt

[L_Hapiness]Knit tight skirt

Even though it is a tight skirt, it is easy to move!


■[SOO SHOW]Heart pattern knit skirt

[SOO SHOW]Heart pattern knit skirt

Style up with a high waist!

[5th ​​place]

■[Honey on Days]Selectable design Back brushed skirt

[Honey on Days]Selectable design Back brushed skirt

It was perfect for this time of year or brushed back ♪

[Attention item]

■[Justone_jp]Stretch H line brushed back skirt

[Justone_jp]Stretch H line brushed back skirt

Simple and versatile H-line skirt

■[CANMART]Quilted skirt

[CANMART]Quilted skirt

Even though it is a quilted material, it has a neat silhouette ♪

[EBay Japan GK]

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* Company names and product names in the text are trademarks or registered trademarks of each company.

* The information provided is as of the date of the announcement. Please note that it is subject to change without notice.

■ Contact information from customers

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