NetEase Games establishes Nagoshi Studio Co., Ltd., a new studio to develop high-quality titles for gamers around the world | Hong Kong NetEase Interactive Entertainment Limited press release

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NetEase Games, the online game division of NetEase, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTES, HKEX: 9999), is pleased to announce that NetEase, Inc. has established Nagoshi Studio Co., Ltd. in Tokyo. Toshihiro Nagoshi, who was the general director of the “Ryu ga Gotoku” series, will be appointed as the president and representative director, and the development team with a wealth of experience in game software will gather. The studio will focus on developing high-quality titles for home video game consoles and plans to expand globally.

Entertainment full of dreams and excitementofCreation

With the support of NetEase Games, Nagoshi Studio Co., Ltd. can operate and produce games that you can put your passion into.

In the entertainment industry, major changes are taking place in the way content is created and the business models that support it. These changes are happening at a faster speed due to advances in technology and infrastructure. However, NetEase Games and Nagoshi Studios believe that nothing has changed in what people want from entertainment. We entrust entertainment with the dream of giving hope to our daily lives, comforting us in times of hardship, and inspiring us in times of joy. We seek entertainment as the trigger for every event in our lives.

Similar to NetEase Games, Nagoshi Studio aims to bring out the potential of creators by creating high-quality titles and delivering the essence of entertainment to the world in an open and inclusive environment. . Our desire is to deliver high-quality, engaging content that touches the heartstrings of passionate gamers around the world.

Click here for more information about Nagoshi Studio Co., Ltd., including job information.

About Nagoshi Studio Co., Ltd.
Nagoshi Studio Co., Ltd. is a game software development company wholly owned by NetEase Games. We will mainly develop high-end titles for the worldwide market, mainly in the consumer software business.

About NetEase Games
NetEase Games is an online game division established by NetEase, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTES / HKEX: 9999). We develop and operate popular smartphone and PC games in overseas markets, including mainland China and Japan. As one of the world’s largest game makers of high quality online game content, NetEase Games supports the growth of studios around the world, increasing its profile and presence in the process. In order to improve our own development capabilities and world-class research capabilities, we have partnered with world-famous game makers such as Blizzard Entertainment and Mojang AB (a subsidiary of Microsoft) to develop popular global online games. I am also involved in the operation of

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