Sampling of “SILK FOOD silk chocolate (prototype)” held at Yurakucho micro FOOD & IDEA MARKET, silk moth food “SILK FOOD”

It is a sustainable food brand that uses silk moth, which is a sustainable and nutritious food resource.
We use silk moth in all our products with the concept of “being kind to the body, kind to the earth, and good taste”. (Details of silk food:

The following 3 items are on sale (for a limited time) at Yurakucho micro FOOD & IDEA MARKET.
・ “SILK FOOD Kaiko Protein Smoothie Green”
・ “SILKFOOD Kaiko Protein Smoothie Fruit”
・ “SILK FOOD Chips” (out of stock until mid-February)
(Also available at “Sutainable Think” on the 7th floor of Yurakucho Marui in the same area.)

  • Sampling session details of “SILK FOOD silk chocolate (prototype)”
[Holding period]January 24th (Monday) to 27th (Thursday), 2022
[Implementation time]15: 00-18: 00
[Venue]Yurakucho micro FOOD & IDEA market (1F, Yurakucho Building 1-10-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
[Target]Those who can answer the questionnaire by eating / drinking / purchasing goods at the Yurakucho micro FOOD & IDEA market
[Remarks]The number is limited. It will end as soon as the number of preparations is distributed.

  • Implementing company: Erie Co., Ltd.

Aiming to realize a sustainable future, we are a startup that handles everything from silk moth sericulture to development / sales of raw materials and final products. Japan aims to renovate silk moths into new protein sources and spread them all over the world by combining research knowledge on the world-leading silk moths and food products. increase.
Until now, we have been promoting research and product development in collaboration with many companies and universities through open innovation.

Erie Co., Ltd.
Phone: 050-5532-1667 (Representative)
Online shop:

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