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Acupoints that are effective for constipation

Constipation points

Professor Mofuneko, who specializes in oriental medicine, will teach you effective points for “constipation”. The polite location of the acupoints and how to push them (important here) are unique to Professor Mofuneko!

Promote the movement of the intestines with the acupoints of the “large intestine”

Constipation points

Speaking of constipation, the standard acupoints areLarge intestineis. The height of the line connecting the vertices of the left and right ilium (iliac bone), 4 to 5 cm outside from the center. Not the bones, but the muscles.

Constipation points

When holding down the large intestine, lie down, put your hand on your hips, push it in with your thumb, loosen the force after counting for 2 seconds, repeat it for 2 seconds, and repeat it for about 1 minute, then sleep in the opposite direction. Roll and squeeze the other large intestine. Let’s repeat it several times. If you have a tennis ball, you may turn your back and hit the ball one by one at the large intestine and put your weight on it.

The stimulus that holds down the large intestine affects the movement of the intestine via the autonomic nerves. You see, don’t you feel your belly moving? If you want to go, don’t put up with it, now is your chance! !!

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* Sentence also Professor Funeko Original draft / illustration Hiro Inukai
* Delivered on October 15, 2020

Arm acupoints that are effective in relieving constipation

Mayumi Yanagimoto, the director of Mejiro Acupuncture and Moxibustion Hospital, taught me the effective points for relieving constipation.
Mayumi YanagimotoOf the acupoints that are effective for constipation, it is recommended to approach the acupuncture points for chronic intestinal blockage and the Shinmon for those due to environmental changes.


Press the “branch groove” located four fingers from your wrist.
Mayumi YanagimotoOn the back side of the hand, the branch groove is about four fingers closer to the elbow from the wrinkles created when the wrist is bent. The intestine is an organ that is easily affected by the mental state, as it is called the second brain. By pushing around the wide area of ​​this branch with four fingers, your feelings will be relieved and the large intestine will work smoothly.

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Stroking the “Kamimon” in the indentation on the inside of the wrist and on the little finger side.
Mayumi YanagimotoIf you point your palm at yourself and point to the little finger side of your wrist, you will notice a small bone bulge. Between these inner tendons is the Shinto gate. It is closely related to the mind and brain, and is effective for constipation caused by changes in the environment such as travel destinations. Try stroking it softly with the strength you feel comfortable with.

Mayumi Yanagimoto, Director of Mejiro Acupuncture and Moxibustion Hospital. She also serves as a lecturer at cultural centers. Her book is “Simply squeeze, touch, and push your” hands “and you’ll be healthy instantly! (Published by a small company).

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* From the October 7, 2020 issue of “anan”. Illustration by momokoharada, text by Ayako Kanno (by anan editorial department)
* Delivered on October 3, 2020

Acupoints that are effective for intestinal activity

Intestinal acupoints Intestinal environment stress

Professor Mofuneko, who also specializes in oriental medicine, will teach us effective points for “intestinal activity”. The polite location of the acupoints and how to push them (important here) are unique to Professor Mofuneko!

Active gastrointestinal function with acupoints on the spleen

Intestinal acupoints Intestinal environment stress

Already as an acupoint to condition the gastrointestinal tractLarge intestineWhenZusanliBecause I taught you another point, it’s on my backSpleenI would like to introduce (Hiyu). The spleen is about the middle of the navel and epigastrium, and the opposite is above the erector spinae muscles (back), 3-4 cm outward from the spinal line. The area around the acupuncture points of the spleen may be quite stiff for those who have a bad gastrointestinal condition or who work for a long time at desk work.

Intestinal acupoints Intestinal environment stress

You can turn your hand behind and hold it with your thumb, but my recommendation is a tennis ball!Turn to your back and at the acupoints of your splenicTennis ballI put in and press it with the weight of my body. You can also add a strong stimulus by rolling the ball while raising your knees and moving your hips a little.On the other hand, if you use a tennis ball, it ’s too stimulating.Golf balland! If you do it too long, it will hurt later, so stimulate the left and right spleen alternately in about 30 seconds, and stop within 5 minutes in total.

Professor Mofuneko Profile
Real professor in charge of oriental medicine at a certain university. In fact, he has an outstanding career and name recognition.

Hiro Inukai
Manga artist / illustrator. He loves animals that live with dogs, cats, birds and fish.

Official HP

“Manga Acupuncture and Moxibustion Clinical Incidents Accident Prevention Knowledge to Remember” / Medical Road Japan

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* Sentence also Professor Funeko Original draft / illustration Hiro Inukai
* Delivered on May 15, 2021

Effective acupoints for diarrhea

Hidetoshi Ishigaki, an acupuncturist, taught me effective points for diarrhea. It is an effective method for diarrhea caused by stress as well as caused by coldness and food. Imagine warming and relaxing the intestines.

[Massage: Warm the cramping intestines]


Approach around “Sekimoto”. Rotate with the palm of your hand. With the image of gently warming the acupoints. Breathe as slowly as possible. You can rub it vertically.

[Extra care: Immediate effect when you want to get rid of sudden pain]


Acupuncture points on the back of the hand, also known as “diarrhea points”. It is also effective in relieving sudden pain of diarrhea. A little above the dent where the bones of the middle and ring fingers meet. Raise your thumb nail and press it against the acupuncture points.

Hidetoshi Ishigaki Acupuncture and moxibustion teacher. Representative of “Kagurazaka Holistic Cooler”. He is the principal of “Nacha” who studies oriental medicine. His books include “Map Book of Kori and Pain” (Ikeda Bookstore).

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* From the July 25, 2018 issue of “anan”. Photo by Keiko Nakajima Stylist Kiyomi Shirao Hair & Makeup Yuka Takamatsu Model Shen Tanaka Interview, Text by Mikiko Itakura (by anan editorial department)
* Delivered on July 23, 2018

Pressing points that can be done anytime, anywhere

The attraction of acupuncture points is that you can do it right away. I want to remember the points that are effective for symptoms that tend to cause problems such as diarrhea and constipation.

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