My First Story “SEGA Limited Prize Campaign Information” | Press Release of GENDA GiGO Entertainment Co., Ltd.

GENDA SEGA Entertainment Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ota-ku, Tokyo, President: Kiyoshi Ueno) will hold a “My First Story SEGA Limited Prize Campaign” from February 10, 2022 (Thursday) at the target stores of SEGA.
“My First Story” is composed of four members, Hiro on vocals, Nob on bass, Teru on guitar, and Kid’z on drums, which was formed in 2011. It is a rock band that fills up.

This time, at about 140 SEGA stores nationwide operated by GENDA SEGA Entertainment, we will carry out a campaign to get limited original stickers at the target crane game machine in connection with the development of 2 types of SEGA limited My First Story prize prizes. ..


  • [Campaign content]

Implementation date: February 10-28, 2022
Number of types: All 4 types
Acquisition conditions: From February 10, 2022, if the staff confirms that 500 yen will be put into the target crane game machine, you will receive one limited original sticker on the spot.
* You cannot choose the type of sticker. It will be handed over at random. It will end as soon as it runs out.

subjectPrize prize 1
Freebie Name: My First Story Mascot
Deployment date: February 10, 2022 ~
Number of types: 2 types in total

■ Target prize prize 2

Freebie Name: My First Story Acrylic Keychain
Deployment date: February 10, 2022 ~
Number of types: 8 types in total

  • Retweet campaign

Sega store official Twitter account (https://twitter.com/SEGA_Ent) Will be followed, and 3 people will be selected by lottery from among the customers who have retweeted the tweet, and will be presented with a “Novelty Sticker All 4 Types Complete Set”. The retweet campaign is until February 9, 2022 (Wednesday).

  • About prevention of spread of coronavirus infection

During business hours, we will focus on managing the physical condition of our employees, and will encourage them to wear masks, wash their hands, gargle, and disinfect. In the store, we regularly disinfect and clean the equipment using a surfactant containing benzalkonium chloride. We will focus on creating an environment where customers can spend their time comfortably.

● Campaign site: https://tempo.gendasega.jp/myfirststory/cp2022.html
● My First Story official website: https://myfirststory.net/

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