TripAdvisor announces “2022 Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best Destinations”. Dubai Takes World No. 1 – Travel Watch

TripAdvisor Announces 2022 Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best Destinations

TripAdvisor has announced the “2022 Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best Tourist Destinations”.

In addition to “notable tourist spots” and “popular tourist spots,” “sightseeing spots to enjoy gourmet food,” “sightseeing spots to enjoy the outdoors (national parks),” “sightseeing spots to enjoy skiing,” “urban tourist spots,” and “the sun’s We also publish rankings for all types of activities, such as “sightseeing spots that you can enjoy below.”

The Indonesian island of Bali topped the list of most popular tourist destinations in Asia. In the world, Dubai won the first place.

“Notable tourist destinations” is the ranking of tourist destinations with the highest year-on-year increase in TripAdvisor reviews and ratings. Mallorca, Spain, with its beautiful beaches, children’s beaches and Moorish architecture, was selected as the number one in the world. Ibiza next door is also ranked 6th.

In the United States, Hawaii is the number one tourist destination to watch. Talkeetna, Alaska, debuted at No. 8, demonstrating the breadth of thinking American travelers have when looking for their next destination.

2022 Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best Popular Destinations

world top 10

First place: Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
2nd place: London (United Kingdom)
3rd place: Cancun (Mexico)
4th: Bali (Indonesia)
5th place: Crete (Greece)
6th place: Rome (Italy)
7th place: Cabo San Lucas (Mexico)
8th place: Istanbul (Turkey)
9th place: Paris (France)
10th: Hurghada (Egypt)

Asia Top 10

First place: Bali (Indonesia)
2nd place: New Delhi (India)
3rd place: Singapore
4th: Jaipur (India)
5th place: Bangkok (Thailand)
6th place: Phuket (Thailand)
7th place: Goa (India)
8th place: Udaipur (India)
9th place: Mumbai (India)
10th: Hong Kong

2022 Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best Hot Destinations

World Top 10

First place: Mallorca (Spain)
2nd place: Egypt (Cairo)
3rd place: Rhodes (Greece)
4th: Tulum (Mexico)
5th place: Dubrovnik (Croatia)
6th place: Ibiza (Spain)
7th place: Natal (Brazil)
8th place: Arusha (Tanzania)
9th place: Goreme (Turkey)
10th: Santorini (Greece)

america top 10

First place: Hawaii Island (Hawaii)
2nd place: Charleston (South Carolina)
3rd place: Branson (Missouri)
4th: Moab (Utah)
5th place: Fort Myers Beach, Florida
6th place: Clearwater (Florida)
7th place: Mount Desert Island (Maine)
8th place: Talkeetna (Alaska)
9th place: Naples (Florida)
10th: Asheville (North Carolina)

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