Unleash your mind and body coolly. The forefront of the “showing stomach” trend led by Michopa. | VOGUE GIRL

Unleash your mind and body coolly. The forefront of the “showing stomach” trend led by Michopa.

Love the body you were born with and accept it as your own personality. In the world, such body-positive ideas are sympathetic, and bold skin-showing and hungry trends are sweeping. Miyu Ikeda, also known as “Michopa,” who has been driving her gal culture and expressing fashion with her whole body while exposing her skin, wears it in her fresh mood. A cool update to her basic daily wear with a new sense of balance in which her body plays the leading role. She truly enjoys her favorite body and fashion without worrying about someone’s gaze. Just switch to such a simple mindset and every day should start moving positively!

A new sexy interpretation that begins with self-love.

It’s a waste to hide your favorite body. Corresponding to the positive message of the new era, a fearless skin-showing style that looks like a traditional cable knit and pleated skirt cut off from the hem. The straight muscles in my stomach and the waist are a testament to my efforts to face my body every day.

Knit ¥ 147,400 Shirt worn inside ¥ 95,700 Bra top ¥ 51,700 (reference color) Skirt ¥ 104,500 Bag ¥ 313,500 Belt ¥ 63,800 Socks ¥ 22,000 Shoes ¥ 137,500 (all planned price) / All MIU MIU (Miu Miu client service)

A cool pink that you can wear dashingly.

It is a cool presence that combines self-confidence and kindness that deprives you of your eyes when you pass each other on the escalator. The light pink satin fabric and the dazzling tan skin that blends in with the fresh femininity of the mannish suit style. Square nails with strength are also accents that add color to your personality.

Jacket ¥ 456,500 Pants ¥ 280,500 (both planned price, scheduled to be released in March) Pierce ¥ 70,400 Bag ¥ 148,500 Shoes ¥ 286,165 Bra top Reference product / All FENDI (FENDI Japan)

Overwhelming presence released from the whole body.

Because of your own body and mind, you should aim for a comfortable ideal within yourself, rather than meeting the standards set by someone. Honor the supple limbs that you have gradually trained and obtained with a simple all-white setup. Tight legs, bra top and skin that can be seen and hidden from the jacket. The innovation of fashion is to attract the whole body, including the balance of the body.

Jacket ¥ 231,000 Skirt ¥ 137,500 Bra top ¥ 89,100 Hat ¥ 64,900 Earrings ¥ 121,000 Bracelet ¥ 116,600 Shoes ¥ 115,500 / All BOTTEGA VENETA

A tough beauty that steals your eyes.

The traditional trench coat is fresh and sensual with denim material and skin appearance. And for boyish shorts, attack the low waist as much as you can see underwear. From the collarbone to the shoulders and chest, the strong and supple body line is the strongest accessory.

Coat ¥ 355,300 Tops ¥ 53,900 Pants ¥ 79,200 Shorts worn inside (reference color) ¥ 53,900 Necklace ¥ 69,300 / All Max Mara (Max Mara Japan) Others / Stylist’s personal belongings


Miyu Ikeda challenges VOGUE GIRL’s annual “90 seconds challenge”. Delivering the making scene of video interviews and shooting.

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