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Q. Which of the following is your favorite way to eat oysters? Please choose the one that is closest to you.


A: Eat with raw oysters
B: Make fried oysters and eat
C: Eat in an oyster pot
D: Eat as a grilled kid

What you can see in this psychological test

What you really want to be

In deep psychology, “oysters” are foods that reflect your motherhood. And that way of eating means your ideal style.

Therefore, from the way you eat oysters, you can know what you want to be, that is, what you really want to be.

A: You who chose “eat with raw oysters” … Natural and bright impression

You seem to want to be a natural and bright self. Do you feel cool when you see a sporty woman? It may be your ideal to enhance your positive and lively self-image.

If you add a little casual element to your current atmosphere, fashion will become more natural and bright. It should be easy to get close to not only from the same sex but also from the opposite sex, to be reflected in a bright and energetic woman, and to be easily called out by others.

B: For those of you who chose “Kaki fry and eat” … An elegant and elegant impression

It seems that you want to improve your dignity and aim for an elegant self. Have you ever wanted to be something that people around you admire like an actress? In order to approach such an ideal, it seems good to be aware of elegant behavior as if you were an actress.

By living with etiquette in mind, your atmosphere will become more elegant and your fashion will become more elegant. People who want to get close to you will gather to be seen as attractive women from the surroundings.

C: You who chose “Eat in an oyster pot” … A stylish and intellectual impression

You seem to want to be a smart and intelligent self. Doesn’t it include not only gaining knowledge but also honing a rich sensibility like an artist? Your mission is to enhance your self-image of good taste and quick head rotation.

Let’s actively engage with things that resonate with your sensibility. It will look like a fashionable and wise woman from the surroundings and will respect you as a woman.

D: You who chose “Eat as a grilled kid” …… Friendly and casual impression

You want to be casual and friendly. Isn’t the pop and cute female image the ideal figure for you? Your theme is to wear a homely and gentle mood that is loved by everyone.

For that purpose, it is important to improve the “capacity”. It’s a good idea to make fashion fluffy and incorporate friendliness. It looks like a gentle and reassuring woman, and you should make many friends.

in conclusion

It is important to aim for your ideal self. However, if you make a mistake, it may lead to appealing the fictional appearance that was created, not the true you. It is important to convey your true self.

Therefore, there will be less gaps if you imagine yourself as a level-up, rather than aiming for a different appearance from your true self. Of course, it’s okay to put up a little Mie.

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