DEA sells “Land NFT” designed by Kamui Fujiwara, the first PlayMining Verse manga artist! | Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd Press Release

Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. (DEA), which develops the GameFi platform business globally based in Singapore, will sell the NFT, commonly known as “Land NFT”, which is the first of the company’s metaverse project “PlayMining Verse”. Announced today.

The Land NFT to be sold this time was designed by cartoonist Kamui Fujiwara and will be part of Kamui Fujiwara’s metaverse “Kamui Fujiwara”, and the owner of the Land NFT will be the citizenship of “Kamui Fujiwara”. Can be obtained. The concept of Kamui Fujiwara is “The Earth of Genesis, the world where gods and humans coexisted.” We are planning to develop a story to create an ideal world with various gods and people who believe.

Concept art of Concept art of “Kamui Fujiwara” ①

Concept art of Concept art of “Kamui Fujiwara” ②


Land NFT is scheduled to go on sale in the spring of 2022 at DEA’s NFT Marketplace.

“Play Mining Verse” is composed of several “creator countries”, and following Kamui Fujiwara’s Land NFT this time, we plan to continue selling Land NFTs designed by various creators in the future.

You can see the specific roadmap of “Play Mining Verse” here.


About Kamui Fujiwara
Japanese manga artist. Debuted as a professional writer in 1981 with “Babel’s Paradise”. His delicate style of painting, which is full of originality, became a hot topic, and since then, he has published a number of short films based on his own sense of the world in various magazines. He becomes a popular writer. Since then, he has also produced a number of masterpiece feature films. His representative works include “Rainfire” (original work by Yu Terashima), “Dragon Quest Retsuden Loto’s Crest” (original work by Chiaki Kawamata), and “Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit” (original work by Nahoko Uehashi).

Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. | https://dea.sg/jp/
DEA, which handles the GameFi platform business, is a company established in Singapore in August 2018. We are developing Play to Earn games “Job Tribes”, “Puzzle x Job Tribes”, “Lucky Farmer”, and NFT marketplace “NFT Marketplace by DEP”. Utilizing blockchain technology, we aim to realize a world where “enjoyment turns into value”.
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