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GemStone Entertainment New Idol Group Audition
Started in the spring of 2022! First-year audition
Organizer: GemStone Entertainment, Category: Idol (energetic)


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Application deadline


Recruitment contents

We are looking for the first members of the new idol group that will start activities in the spring of 2022.
All songs and costumes are original.
Music will be provided by music writers who have a proven track record in 46 groups and 48 groups.
Would you like to shine as an idol with a song with a good tempo?

The concept of the idol group recruited this time is a car-based idol that collaborates with supercars.
We aim to be an idol group that attracts supercar fans all over the world.

Whether you like cars or not, it’s OK!
To shine as an idol, it’s important to have a kick!
We will provide you with a kick, so please fly to the big stage.

In addition, after debut, we plan to approach magazines and web media, and actively participate in large-scale events.

You will not be charged for registration fees, lesson fees, etc.

Audition schedule

Examination period: From December 2021 to January 2022
Announcement of acceptance: Late January 2022

Schedule after passing

After the official announcement of the members from February 2022, costume production and lessons will start.
An unveiling live will be held in early May 2022.

Audition participation fee

There is no cost, but please pay the transportation fee to the audition venue at your own expense.

Costs after passing

We will cover all entrance fees, lesson fees, and shooting fees. Also, there are no ticket quotas.

Rewards and salaries, prizes and prizes, allowances, etc.

When performing live, you will be paid the prescribed reward for each stage.
In addition, we will back up product sales according to the specified allocation rate.
Transportation expenses will be paid from Akihabara, where the office is located, to the venue.

Qualification requirements

A woman from 18 to 30 years old who is physically and mentally healthy (even 18 years old at the time of debut)
Those who can attend practice and lessons in Tokyo

Application method

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