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Audition Olive entertainment Recruitment of royal road idol group 1st gen members Organizer: Olive entertainment, Category: Idol (Orthodox)

Olive entertainment Recruitment of royal road idol group 1st gen members
Organizer: Olive entertainment, Category: Idol (Orthodox)


Olive entertainment

Application deadline


Recruitment contents

Olive Entertainment is looking for the 1st generation of the royal road idol group.

・ All songs are original songs! There are already 9 original songs!
・ Cute original costumes! With several types of costumes, you can wear various cute costumes in a short period of time!
・ Aim to improve individual talent skills! Not limited to music, we promote activities in various aspects such as variety, actress (voice actor), distribution, influencer, etc.!
・ We are looking for human resources who can aim to advance into the media such as TV and magazines with major releases, large events, big box one-man, etc. as passing points!
・ The number of members is planned to be 5 to 7.
・ You can work part-time at the concept cafe affiliated with the office!
・ Affiliated with a live house in Tokyo

・ Experienced people will be actively interviewed! Of course, inexperienced people are welcome!

・ Appearance at “Fairy Day” in the venue of TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL
・ Photobook sales at Village Vanguard bookstores nationwide, release event appearances at each store
・ One-man live at Shibuya duo
・ Held a live “PiP‼ ️ ~ princess in prince ~” at Hokutopia Azalea Hall
・ Regular performances will be held on the third Thursday of every month.
・ Major release of compilation album! Appeared in release events at HMV, Tower Records, etc.
・ Summer big idol festival will appear!
・ In addition, there are sponsored events
We have various activity stages such as.

Audition schedule

・ First selection = document selection

・ Second selection = interview

We will contact you within one week.
* It will end as soon as the capacity is reached.

Schedule after passing

Successful applicants will take lessons for their debut live and start various activities such as CD release, various festivals, and appearances at events.

Audition participation fee

Transportation costs to the interview location will be the actual cost.

Costs after passing

No admission fee, lesson fee, costume fee, etc.

Rewards and salaries, prizes and prizes, allowances, etc.

Guarantee, transportation expenses, etc. will be explained at the time of the interview.

Qualification requirements

・ Women between the ages of 15 and 24 who are physically and mentally healthy (those under the age of 18 need parental consent)
・ Those who are not contracted with a specific production
・ Those who can perform live in Tokyo and other regions including Saturdays and Sundays, produce sound sources, and be exposed to various media.
・ Those who can work in Tokyo
・ Those who are motivated and can make an effort
・ Those who can focus on group activities

Application method

Please fill in the following required items and apply from DM to (1) email or (2) official Twitter below.

・ Date of birth and age
・ Height, weight, three sizes
·phone number
·email address
・ Presence or absence of entertainment background (group name for those who have been active as idols)
・ Special skills and self-promotion
After clearly stating the above contents, from the front without processing
・ Bust-up photo, whole photo, PR photo (no photo booth)

① Email address

② Official Twitter




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