Pioneer BASE FOOD, a complete nutritional food, will start broadcasting its first TV commercial in Fukuoka from February 1st | BASE FOOD Inc. press release

BASE FOOD's first TV commercial BASE FOOD’s first TV commercial “Base food every morning health habits”

The complete nutritional food “BASE FOOD” has been launched as a subscription service in 2017 with the aim of allowing anyone to easily eat a nutritionally balanced meal with the concept of “easy, delicious, and good for the body.” So far, we have delivered an ideal nutritionally balanced diet to many people.
For busy modern people, it is not easy to eat with nutritional balance in mind, and I feel that breakfast tends to be required to have “no cooking” and “short meal time”. According to a survey conducted in 2021, about 70% of people who eat breakfast eat bread for breakfast. I made this commercial with the hope that this CM will convey that you can enjoy and easily have a nutritionally balanced meal simply by replacing the breakfast bread that you usually eat with a variety of BASE BREAD.

It is easy to think that a nutritionally balanced diet must be eaten “consciously” and “do your best”. Therefore, in this commercial, we want to promote the ease and enjoyment of “BASE BREAD allows you to get 33 kinds of nutrients with one”.
Model Yamagami Alicia changed into 7 patterns of clothes, and it seems that BASE BREAD is incorporated into breakfast in the room where the morning sun shines, and it is a daily habit from Monday to Sunday that you can easily get nutrition without being aware of it. Was expressed. In addition, the original CM song with a light rhythm, “Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Everyday ~, BASE BREAD ♪”, also imagines how to live a life while enjoying nutrition without trying hard.

“Base food every morning health habits” CM image part 1

“Base food every morning health habits” CM image part 2

“Base food every morning health habits” CM image part 3

“Base food every morning health habits” CM image part 4

・ Title: “Base food every morning health habits” (15 seconds)
・ Broadcast start: February 1, 2022
・ Broadcasting area (broadcasting station): Fukuoka area (FBS Fukuoka Broadcasting, TNC TV Nishinippon) * Area will be expanded gradually
・ You Tube URL:

Image character: Alicia YamagamiImage character: Alicia Yamagami

Belongs to Satoru Japan. As her model, she has been active in numerous commercials and magazines since her debut.
Date of Birth: Born March 13, 1995 (26 years old)
Height: 165 cm
Blood type: A type
Birthplace: Osaka

■ Profile
Raised in New York. After graduating from Keio University, she went on to London Film School. From 2003 to 2012, she belonged to the planning and directing department of Hakuhodo Products and was active as a director. After that, he became independent and directed a total of more than 300 commercials. The CM of his masterpiece, Amazon Prime’s “Lion Dog”, won the No. 1 commercial for viewers in 2017.

■ Comment
In a bright and refreshing world view, I wanted to make a video that looks delicious and enjoyable. By using a motion control camera instead of breaking the cut every day, the same woman draws a joyful appearance of eating BASE BREAD one after another in the same space, and tailored it to a vibrant image. I am.

■ Profile
As a creative director, engaged in advertising communication of more than 150 companies, from branding of venture companies to global campaigns of national clients. He became independent after working at Dentsu and Incubate Fund. Obtained an MBA from the University of Leeds in the UK in 2018. The domain is “business” x “creative” to support business growth.

■ Comment
During the first meeting, the lyrics ♪ Monday, Tuesday, ~ came to my mind. We are honored to be with you for the first commercial for base food.


■ Product name / price (tax included)
BASE BREAD plane 237 yen
BASE BREAD chocolate 248 yen
BASE BREAD maple 259 yen
BASE BREAD Cinnamon 259 yen
BASE BREAD curry 270 yen
BASE Cookies (coconut, Earl Gray, coconut) 194 yen

■ Sales start date
Sequentially from January 17, 2022 (Monday)

■ Expanded stores
A total of 68 FamilyMart stores in Fukuoka and Saga prefectures (as of 1/17 week)
(64 stores in Fukuoka prefecture, 4 stores in Saga prefecture)
* Depending on the stock status, it may not be available at the store. Please note.


  • What is a complete nutritional diet “BASE FOOD”?

“BASE FOOD” is a complete nutritional food * 1 that can take 1/3 of the nutrients required for one day with one meal (2 bags of BASE BREAD and 4 bags of BASE Cookies). While using more than 10 kinds of carefully selected raw materials such as whole grain flour, soybeans, and chia seeds, we have achieved nutritional balance and deliciousness with our unique formulation and manufacturing method. You can get 33 kinds of nutrients necessary for one day such as protein, dietary fiber, 26 kinds of vitamins and minerals in one meal. Approximately 30% off sugar * 2, no artificial coloring or preservatives, so even those on a diet, training, or children can eat with confidence.

BASE FOOD seriesBASE FOOD series

  • Base Food Co., Ltd.

We are a food tech company that develops and sells “BASE FOOD”, a complete nutritional staple food, with the mission of “innovating staple foods and making health a matter of course.”
We will develop a new staple food that fulfills all of “easy, delicious, and good for the body” and aim to realize a society where everyone can be healthy while enjoying their meals.
Since the sale of the complete nutrition pasta “BASE PASTA” in 2017 as a pioneer of complete nutritional food that can take 1/3 of the nutrients required for one day with one meal of the “BASE FOOD” series. , We have increased the lineup of complete nutrition bread “BASE BREAD” and complete nutrition cookie “BASE Cookies”, and the cumulative number of meals sold in the series has exceeded 15 million.

Established: April 5, 2016
Representative: Satoshi Hashimoto, President and CEO
Headquarters: 5-25-2 Nakameguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Business: Development, manufacture and sale of complete nutritional foods
Corporate HP:

* 1 Based on the standard values ​​for labeling nutrients, all nutrients include 1/3 or more of the standard value for one day, except for lipids, saturated fatty acids, n-6 fatty acids, carbohydrates, sodium, and calories.
* 2 Comparison with roll bread, confectionery / biscuits / soft biscuits from the 2015 Standard Tables of Food Composition in Japan (7th revision) (same amount)

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