NTV decides to exclusively distribute “Fort Knight” original tournament “LIMITED e-Sports” Hulu –GAME Watch

“2 to 2 Gachinko Battle” by professional gamer x streamer combination

Eight professional gamers and eight streamers will form an instant team of two people by drawing lots on the spot on the day, so a heated battle between “LIMITED” teams will be fought only here. Which team will win the league match and the final tournament match and win a prize of 1 million yen? ??

Program original creative map prepared

yappy0110With the cooperation of Mr., we have prepared a program original creative map limited to this tournament. In a “LIMITED” environment, a sweaty battle takes place.Map code will be available at a later dateProgram official TwitterIt will be published at.

Live announcer, commentary, guest

Shuhei Yamato is in charge of the live performance of this program, and GameWith’s Zeral is in charge of the commentary. Hikaru Takahashi, an actress known for her love of games, will appear as a guest.

[Shuhei Yamato]

The tag of the members who are active in the professional front line and the famous streamer was very hot! In fact, there is also a new combination of meeting for the first time, making it a must-see event for Fortnite fans!

Born in Osaka, he is active as a player at a prestigious high school in basketball. Currently a caster of the official tournament from the 2019 Fortnite World Cup, he has been playing live in various genres, including the “Fortnite” Asian tournament, and has appeared more than 100 times a year, representing Japan’s leading e-sports commentator. ..

[Mr. Zeral]

When I was offered to the tournament, I was afraid that it would be bumpy, so I thought it was good to be called as a commentary rather than a streamer to play. However, when I was watching the game, my blood was so loud that I definitely wanted to go out next time!

Originally, he played an active part in the competition scene as a professional gamer of “Fort Knight”. Now that he has retired, as a popular streamer, he has a reputation for his neat looks and unique bright words, and is active in commentary on events and competitions.

[Hikaru Takahashi]

One of the highlights is the combination of nice to meet you, which is unique to the instant team division decided by lottery. Communication between players and a sense of unity unique to offline 2v2 battles, which are rare in “Fortnite”, have many unexpected developments, so keep an eye on them!

The tournament was limited to this tournament, and the teams, maps, competition methods, etc. were just limited, and it was an exciting tournament. I talked about it during the tournament, but next time I would like to see Zeral’s play!

In 2014, won the Grand Prix at the “14th All Japan National Bishoujo Contest”. She made her actress debut in the movie “The Promise of Her Life”. After that, she appeared in the big river drama “Naotora: The Lady of the Castle”, the drama “Born To Be A Flower”, “Where Have My Skirts?”, And the drama “Red Eyes Surveillance Investigation Team”. With her talk power, she has appeared in many variety shows, and she is active in a wide range of genres such as “Ray” exclusive model, regular radio “Hikaru Takahashi Highway Runway”, and YouTube “Takashi’s Room”. In 2022, she is on standby for the movie “Osomatsu-san”, the WOWOW drama “I want to hold Aono-kun, so I want to die”, and the stage “Little Zombie Girl”.

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