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Adult casual that raises your liking!

The official YouTube channel introduces “Adult casuals that increase your liking!” Here are some of them!

This time, I would like to introduce the coordination under the theme of “adult casual wear with a strong liking”. Here, “casual with high likability” is “giving a sense of security to the people around”, “blending into any scene”, and “never intimidating”. A refreshing and clean fashion that makes people think, “This person is absolutely good!” Even if you meet for the first time. However, there is a slight trendy feeling, and there is also a fashionable feeling. This kind of dress is what we should aim for as “fashion with high likability”.

Navy jacket 57,200 yen (Circolo 1901 / Toyoda Trading Press Room)

This time, the theme is casual holidays, so I’d like to have a jacket when I’m conscious of my liking. However, on holidays, I still want to wear something that feels relaxed, so I’d like to have an ancon with a little stretch on the material. As an adult, I think I sometimes go to hotels and restaurants on weekends. In such a case, if you have a navy jacket that you can put on smoothly, your usual style will become a tight and casual style.

It’s a one-tone style, so it’s a unified style. However, if everything is navy, the dress will be too flat, so for example, it would be nice to show the white T from the hem of the knit. This will add depth to your outfit and give you a casual feel.

[For details, see this video! ]


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