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Nel CRAFT CHOCOLATE TOKYO, a craft chocolate shop in Nihonbashihama-cho, Tokyo, used the “Bean to Bar” method of roasting cacao beans with the concept of “handwork” and “Japaneseness”. It’s a chocolate shop.

Chef Chocolatier Yuki Murata started her career as a pastry chef at a pastry shop in Kyoto. After that, he worked at Western Confectionery Mountain in Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto, and studied under Naoki Mizuno, the overall winner of the World Chocolate Masters 2007. He has been studying traditional confectionery at a patisserie in Luxembourg, France since 2014, and after returning to Japan, Nell is 33 years old who has been involved in the opening of his Tokyo craft chocolate.

With the cooperation of Suzuki Shigebei Shoten, a long-established maker of lanterns in Mito, the original cacao paper made from cacao shells is used for the lampshade. Tokyo’s favorite is the bonbon chocolate “praline cacao”. A new item born from the idea of ​​chef Murata, “Why don’t you make pralines with only cacao beans?”, 100% cacao pralines kneaded from the state of beans are wrapped in bitter chocolate.

What I would like to pay attention to is the Valentine-only assortment made from domestic materials that Murata has newly encountered in the past year into bonbons. Assorted “Ryukyu cinnamon” using Okinawa Nikkei leaves, “Ishigakijima vanilla” with rare vanilla beans from Ishigakijima, and “Atami plum wine” using Atami plum wine with a sweet and delicate scent.

The nostalgic and innovative bonbons proposed by the up-and-coming chocolatier are a gem that chocolate lovers will want to try.

Nell Craft Chocolate Tokyo “Praline Cacao” and others
Period / ~ February 14 (Monday)
Location / nel CRAFT CHOCOLATE TOKYO 3-20-2 Nihonbashihama-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo HAMACHO HOTEL 1F
Business hours / 10: 00-18: 00 (19:00 LO)
Regular holiday / Irregular holiday

The feat of cacao from a French master!

Pepicour ¥ 5,400 © Yusuke Kagayama

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