LAUNCHMETRICS introduces non-contact admission management system at Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2022A / W official venue during the session

Launch Metrics Brand Performance Cloud is a cloud service that comprehensively supports operations in the marketing and public relations departments of the fashion, luxury, and beauty industries originating in NY.

The non-contact admission management system installed at Shibuya Hikarie Hall A and Omotesando Hills Space O, which are the main venues of Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO2022 A / W, customizes the event management function of Launch Metrics and provides advance guidance for QR codes. Attendance management, body temperature test at the time of visit, and seat selection will be managed consistently, and will be introduced as part of measures against the new coronavirus.

Admission management on the day of the show

In addition to admission management on the day of the show that supports non-contact reception as a countermeasure against infectious diseases, online management of attendance of visitors included in the event management function of Launch Metrics (creating a visitor list, creating and distributing invitation emails) , Confirmation of attendance answers, etc.) and seating management of visitors (creation of seating map, seating arrangement of prospective visitors, delivery of seating number mail with QR code, etc.) Provides a smooth entrance experience.

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[About launch metrics]Launch Metrics is the state-of-the-art brand performance cloud that fashion, luxury and beauty (FLB) executives need to connect with modern consumers in an ever-changing industry. With over 10 years of industry expertise, we help more than 1,000 brands create exciting, impactful and effective experiences.

Launchmetrics’ Brand Performance Cloud optimizes the use of your brand’s creative assets and provides the tools and intelligence you need to implement and measure your strong brand awareness program. Launchmetrics intelligence accelerates corporate growth and process rationalization, providing a keen perspective on profitability, accountability and efficiency while enabling rapid decision making.

Founded in NY and headquartered in Paris, Launchmetrics has eight locations around the world and is available in five languages. Launchmetrics is trusted as a brand performance technology by worldwide brands like Dior, FENDI, Shido, NET-A-PORTER, Adidas and has partnerships with IMG, American Fashion Council, British Fashion Association and Italian Fashion Association. I am building.


[Contact]Person in charge: Hagiwara / Shibasaki
TEL: 03-3281-0051

[About Futaba Communication Co., Ltd.]An advertising company that has been in business for over 70 years. In particular, he has deep knowledge and experience in advertising marketing such as fashion and luxury. He has been strong in magazine advertising for many years, but in recent years he has been actively implementing digital measures. Since 2016, we have signed an exclusive sales agency contract with LAUNCH METRICS in the US to sell and support “Brand Performance Cloud” that comprehensively supports marketing and PR operations.
Company name: Futaba Communication Co., Ltd.
Proxy: Representative Director Hiroshi Ogawa
Headquarters: 3rd floor, Yanagiya Building, 2-10, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Business content: Advertising business (including production business, PR business, etc.)

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