“Nintendo Switch Sports” released on April 29th. New event: Valley is here. Not only friends but also online matches in random matches are possible![Nintendo Direct]| with the latest information on games and entertainment

Nintendo’s new information program “Nintendo Direct 2022.2.10” will be delivered from 7:00 am on February 10, 2022. At this event, “Nintendo Switch Sports]Will be released on April 29th.

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This work is “Wii Sports]Similar to the Wii remote control operation of the series, this is a hands-on software that moves the characters in the game according to the movement of the Joy-Con of Switch. In addition to the familiar tennis, bowling, and sword fighting sports, soccer, badminton, and volleyball are newly added. Golf will be added in the fall.

In addition to local play with family and friends, online play of all events is also possible. There are random matches with players from all over the world as well as friends, and you can enjoy playing against stronger opponents by winning repeatedly.

An online play test will also be held for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers from February 19th to February 20th. You can play bowling, sword fight, and tennis, and only random matches.

* The screen is a capture of the delivery.


Software details

  • Official name: Nintendo Switch Sports
  • Scheduled release date: April 29, 2022 (Friday)
  • Supported platforms: Nintendo Switch

* At the time of release, leg bands are only available in some soccer modes.
* There are plans for a free update for leg bands in soccer games in the summer and a free update with the addition of golf in the fall.
* A leg band is included in the package version.
* “Ring Fit Adventure』Leg band can also be used

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