From the activities of young people to the comeback of legends. Just before the event, analyze the highlights of the 2022-23 Fall / Winter New York Collection! | Vogue Japan

In addition to the three-day event hosted by Shane Oliver, this season’s NYFW has a number of fashion events planned. TELFAR, who will hold a party at the heliport and give a unique presentation such as live broadcasting with the motif of live TV, is planning an interactive event format this time as well. In addition, BATSHEVA will also perform an intimate concert with the show.

The biggest excitement will be on the night of the 10th. A party hosted by Julia Fox will be held on Saks Fifth Avenue, with Nordstrom also hosting an event with new fashion director Ricky de Sole. In addition, CHLOÉ and GUCCI are also planning parties, and it seems that the excitement of NYFW before the pandemic will be revived.

3. Physical potential.
The up-and-coming brand Hanifa has unveiled a runway show in the Metaverse space, and CAROLINA SARRIA has taken a pandemic as an opportunity to showcase a new collection set in the game “Animal Crossing: New Clothes”. Was sought. Although the physical show is reviving, it is expected that the physical presentation format will continue in the future. Young designer MAISIE WILEN is also one who is exploring the possibilities of digital. She will partner with Yahoo this season to present her latest collection in a virtual installation format.

Moreover, the fashion industry’s interest in NFTs continues to grow. Tiffany & Co. CEO Alexandre Arnault also turned his Instagram profile image into his own NFT avatar. In addition, many Maisons such as DOLCE & GABBANA and GIVENCHY have also announced the NFT collection, and the momentum is only rising.

4. Collection Week in the absence of big names.

Tom Ford 2022-23 Fall / Winter Collection. Photo: Getty Images

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