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The Beijing Olympics are thriving with the success of the Japanese people, but there must be many people who are attracted to them. Ski jumping Sara Takanashi’s disqualification, snowboarding Ayumu Hirano’s mysterious scoring, speed skating men’s false start at 500 meters, short track judgment, cheering of the audience. There is no shortage of topics outside the competition.

Poor conditions such as the hardness of artificial snow and strong winds are also problems. 33 out of 87 participants abstained from the Alpine Skiing Men’s Giant Slalom on the 13th. There are some parts that can only be helped by natural opponents, and it is not uncommon for scoring to be controversial at the Winter Olympics. Still, it is certain that some people are distrustful just because it is held in China.

Furthermore, the biggest “topic” of the tournament is the doping violation of Valieva, a gold medal candidate for figure skating girls. Whether or not to participate in individual events will be announced on the 14th, but it will have a big impact whether or not it appears. If you miss it, you will lose the “face of the tournament”, and if you participate, there is no doubt that you will be bashing from all over the world.

Anyway, is it a doping violation in the figure? I think. Ice hockey and alpine skiing have the highest number of violations at the Winter Olympics. The number of figures is small. The detected drug is trimetazidine. It is said to have the effect of increasing endurance. It may be a secret that you can jump four turns that require physical strength even in the latter half of the performance.

As for figure skating violations, there is an example of Russia’s Maria Sotskova, who finished 8th at the Pyeongchang Olympics last year. She retired at the age of 20 in 20 and was suspended for 10 years in 21. The fact that Russian female figure skating players are “short-lived” is also associated with prohibited drugs.

It is unlikely that 15-year-old Valieva had taken the drug himself. Didn’t you just take the “medicines” given by the coaches and staff? Again, we must not think that systematic doping is continuing.

In Russia, a systematic doping violation was discovered after the 2014 Sochi Olympics, and athletes who have not violated in the past are participating in this tournament as the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC). However, is it okay to dispose of it? Unless the ROC is serious about anti-doping, there will be violators again.

The violation of the “face” of the competition also makes the overall image of the figure worse. There will be no “Olympic exclusion” like weightlifting, but the clean impression made by the Japanese and Nathan Chen will be ruined.[Koichi Ogishima]

(Nikkan / Reporter column “OGGI’s Oh! Olympic”)

During official practice, Wariewa puts his hand on his head (photographed by Kenta Tadashi)

During official practice, Wariewa puts his hand on his head (photographed by Kenta Tadashi)

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