HBA’s Shane Oliver returns to Fashion Week in a unique way![22-23 AW NY Collection Bulletin]| Vogue Japan

Oliver is clearly aware of his position in the fashion world. An insider among the most influential art directors, buyers, editors, stylists and customers, he receives the same status and unquestioned admiration as those who follow the rules of the fashion world. There are few things. Behind the scenes is the reality that fashion continues to eliminate black creators. Oliver (non-black people) thinks we’re always copying white culture, but it’s actually the one who’s experiencing America and dressing more than others. They say that they are.

“I’m still a little worried about what we’re going to announce in New York and how it’s perceived,” Oliver said. “During the heyday of the HBA’s 2010s, it was always thought to be underground, but it was actually in the top three shows each season, which was really disappointing,” he continued.

He points out similarities and differences with fashion legends. Whereas John Galliano and Jean Paul Gaultier’s runway shows presuppose fantasies and aspirations, Oliver tells us the reality. “I think my work is based on the people who are actually active in NY. I want to make use of what I see in the city in my clothes.”

The elongated boots have sharp toes and look like a grinch. Difficult to walk, at least one model was stumbling on the stairs to a platform with scaffolding. It sounds like a funny story, but for those who have walked in NY at midnight with heavy luggage, the way of walking with a stoop may have been too familiar. Also, the appearance of the models walking in the crowd is not a straight road. It was as chaotic as a Brooklyn subway station at 6 pm.

The choice is fashion that suits the times.

The concept of “chaos” is also important for Oliver’s latest work. “Now we’re in a weird situation where everyone has a perfect editorial flair. No one is groping. I think. If so, groping here. Let’s do it. Do something really gorgeous and accept the shortcomings. “

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