“Nintendo Switch Sports” is also a game that can not be played on “Switch Lite”: J-CAST trend[full text display]

The game “Nintendo Switch Sports” for “Nintendo Switch” will be released on April 29, 2022. Nintendo announced on February 10th. By swinging the dedicated controller “Joy-Con”, you can enjoy tennis etc.

However, according to the official website, it is not possible to play on the model “Nintendo Switch Lite” (light). There are other games that are similarly “unplayable on lights.”

  • “Nintendo Switch Sports” to be released in late April (Image from the official website)

“Light” is for handheld mode only

“Nintendo Switch Sports” is the latest work in the “Wii Sports” series, which sold more than 82.9 million copies on the old game hardware “Wii”. Many fans are delighted with the announcement. However, on the Nintendo official site page of the same work, “To play this software, you need a ‘Nintendo Switch (organic EL model)’ or ‘Nintendo Switch’. It cannot be played on a ‘Nintendo Switch Lite’.” There is a note.

The normal switch has three play modes: “TV mode” that outputs images to the TV, “table mode” where you can enjoy the game on the screen of the main unit by placing it on a table, etc., and “portable mode” where you can play with the main unit.

The light is lightweight and the regular price is 21,979 yen (including tax, same below), which is cheaper than the regular switch (32,978 yen), and is a model exclusively for portable mode. Unlike the regular version, the controller “Joy-Con” is not included. Since “Switch Sports” cannot be played with this light, there are more than 10 disappointing voices, mainly on overseas Twitter, saying, “I only have a light.”

There are other works that do not support light. For example, Nintendo’s popular game “Ring Fit Adventure”. The concept is that you can exercise through adventure, but according to the official website, you can’t play with light.

If you prepare “Joy-Con”

“Family Trainer” (Bandai Namco Entertainment), which moves the whole body like “Ring Fit”, can not be played with lights, according to the official website.

“Super Mario Party” (Nintendo), where you can play various mini-games, is the same. However, according to the official website, you can play with the separately sold “Joy-Con”. On the other hand, even if you use “Joy-Con”, it may differ from the “original game experience” in some mini-games due to the shape of the light itself.

For the cooking and fighting game “Tabeoja” (Bandai), on the official website’s “Frequently Asked Questions” page, you can play with lights by saying “If you play with Nintendo Switch Lite, you need Joy-Con (L) sold separately. )(R).” There are two types of Joy-Con, (L) and (R), and if it is a regular switch, you can play with (L) on the left side of the main unit and (R) on the right side.

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