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australian companiesAll G Foodsdevelops plant-based meat alternatives and precision-fermented dairy alternatives.

Along with the global increase in plant-based demand, genetically modified microorganisms are used as “production factories” to produce the same proteins as those derived from animals.precision fermentationis growing rapidly, but companies that do both are rare.

The company raised money earlier this month.The amount raised is undisclosed, but a major Australian supermarket chainWoolworthsthrough W23invested.

All G Foods, a plant-based x precision fermentation company

Source: All G Foods

All G Foods in 2020Jan Pacasis a start-up company established in Sydney, Australia.

The companyLove BudsBurger patties using soybeans known as a brand,Launched in over 300 Australian retailers last Septemberdid. According to the official website, the company’s alternative meat is produced on a plant-based meat line. In the coming months, we plan to release minced meat, sausages, nuggets and bacon.

All G Foods will focus not only on meat alternatives, but also on the alternative dairy category.However, instead of using plant ingredients, it has been attracting attention in recent years.precision fermentationuse technology.


A method of inserting the target protein gene into a microorganism such as yeast and producing the target protein instead of alcohol by fermentation.precision fermentationIt says.human insulinPrecision fermentation, which started with the breakthrough of , is a technology that enables the production of the same milk protein as that derived from cows, without relying on cows.

sharp cost reductionAs a result, it is currently penetrating the food field, and in the United StatesPerfect Day products go on the marketIt is

Precision fermentation is what turns Impossible Foods’ plant-meat burger into a “bloody” meat alternative.The company uses genetically modified yeast to produce “heme” (technically soy leghemoglobin) without using soy.It has produced.

All G Foods uses precision fermentation to develop milk proteins for use in dairyFew companies in Australiabecomes.

Details of the dairy development have not been disclosed, but “By using this technology (precision fermentation), we will expand the range of plant-based proteins for the Love Buds brand.”commentingTherefore, it is possible to develop heme and animal fats to be incorporated into vegetable meat by precision fermentation.

To the Chinese market within the year

From left: founder Jan Pacas, W23 manager Ingrid Maes Source: Dallas Kilponen/Woolworths

The company this month acquired a major Australian supermarket chainwoolworthis a venture capital growth fund ofW23received funding from This follows on from the seed round last September.

Government-backed funding for SeptemberClean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC)based in SydneyEllerston Capitala Singapore-based investment firmTripleStar Capitaletc. participated.

“W23’s investment in All G Foods presents us with an incredible opportunity to partner with one of Australia’s most prominent leaders in retail. to make high quality products.

For rapid scale-up, partnering with a VC that has excellent access to distribution, assets and production capacity is critical. W23 has established itself as a leading strategic VC in Australia and we are pleased to call them our partners.”

(Jan Pacas, founder of All G Foods).

Foreign media coverageAccording to All G Foods,Establish a subsidiary in China with the goal of this summerare planning to again,Shipment of products to Singapore and Thailand from MarchIt is said thatThe company’s main target market is more than the United States.Emphasis on Chinathe idea torevealing.

They don’t want to fall behind Nestle, Unilever, and Beyond Meat, which have already established factories in China within a year or partnered with local manufacturers to enter China first.

Australian Meat Alternative Company Could Be A Competitor For All G Foodsv2foodlast year launched three partnerships in mainland China.concluded. v2food’s plant-based burger is a JapaneseAlso adopted by Burger KingIt has been, and raised about 5.8 billion yen in August last year.

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Australian alternative protein start-up, All G Foods, secures investment from Woolworths Group’s W23 to build on $16m seed raise

All G Foods adds Woolworths to start-up’s plant-based investment roster

Aussie plant-based meat firm All G Foods plans China foray

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