Pre-orders for the new service “Chef’s Unattached Tsukurioki” from the healthy home delivery service “FIT FOOD HOME” have started for 300 people only! | Press release of AIVICK Co., Ltd.

AIVICK Co., Ltd. (Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, President: Tomoko Yatsuda) will deliver freshly prepared side dishes as they are as a new service of the healthy home delivery service “FIT FOOD HOME”. “Chef’s unattached Tsukurioki” will be on sale on March 11, 2022 (Friday).

Therefore, prior to the start of order acceptance on March 11th (Friday), we will start pre-ordering exclusively for FIT FOOD HOME members.
Pre-orders are limited to the first 300 people, and you can order at a great price of 34% OFF for the first time.

  • What is FIT FOOD HOME?

FIT FOOD HOME is a food brand that delivers meals that meet the various purposes and tastes of customers to their homes.

We are particular about not using additives, and each meal is carefully handmade and is a body-friendly meal, so you can enjoy it with confidence and deliciousness.

  • What is “chef’s unattached making”?

At FIT FOOD HOME, we have been delivering frozen meals according to purpose and taste, but among them
“I want to eat safe and secure family meals”
“I’m busy with work and childcare, but I want to eat homemade food with my family.”
We received many opinions such as.

Based on the voices of all of you, we have decided to launch the “Chef’s Unattached Creation” service.

Keeping the concept of additive-free cooking of FIT FOOD HOME as it is, without using any additives such as chemical seasonings and preservatives, by delivering refrigerated meals, you can enjoy the deliciousness of freshly made food as it is. increase.

Not only does it save you the trouble of shopping and cooking, it also gives you more space to create. It is by no means a “cut-out”.
Now that we want to cherish the time spent by the whole family, we feel guilty and stress-free, and give us plenty of peace of mind.
For moms and dads who think about family meals and healthy everyday life first, our dedicated chef will make it for you.

  • Features of “Chef’s Unattached Making”

The chef’s unattached side dishes are all handmade by top chefs who are professionals in cooking.
Not only the nutritional aspect, but also the professional taste that is particular about “deliciousness” adds color to the table.

Born in Kyoto Prefecture.
Studied French at Mt. Hiei Hotel Co., Ltd. and became the chef at “Cafe Restaurant BG” at the young age of 23.
After that, he studied Italian at “Restaurant Shikisai” and was widely active in Japanese, ethnic and non-national cuisine at “International Cuisine Papyrus Restaurant”.

We will deliver side dishes carefully prepared by a first-class chef in the shortest possible time in a refrigerated state. Of course, no additives such as preservatives are used.
By delivering it in a refrigerated state, you can enjoy the deliciousness of freshly made food as it is.

We will deliver the menu as a set of 2 main dishes + 3 side dishes.
Not only does it save you the trouble of thinking about menus, but you can freely arrange it according to the style of your dining table.
Your family will have a very satisfying meal in no time.

It is a gentle seasoning with no additives and low salt content, so children can enjoy it with confidence.
It is a side dish with the feelings of mothers and fathers who want to value the health of their families.

  • Image of using “Chef’s unattached making”

It’s very simple to use.

Simply take the side dish out of the refrigerator, heat it in the microwave for a few minutes, and serve it on a plate to complete a healthy, body-friendly table.

One set for the chef’s unaccompanied making[5個]We are assuming a two-day supper for[2 adults + 1 child].
If you have two or more children, you can increase the number of sets.

  • Delivery menu and expiration date

“Chef’s Unattached Tsukurioki” delivers freshly prepared side dishes that do not use preservatives.
After delivery, please be sure to refrigerate and consume within “3 days”.

The menus delivered on “Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday” and the menus delivered on “Saturday / Sunday” are different.
If you use it more than twice a week, you can enjoy a different menu for one week by receiving it once on “Tuesday-Thursday” and once on “Saturday / Sunday”.

  • About the charge of “Chef’s unattached making”

Usually, a set of 5 pieces costs 4,480 yen (4,838 yen including tax),34% OFF for the first time onlyIt will be “2,980 yen (3,218 yen including tax)”.

* The above image is an image.
* A separate shipping fee of 990 yen (tax included) will be charged.
* “Chef’s unattached Tsukurioki” is only for regular purchases, and from the second time onward, 4,838 yen (tax included) and shipping fee 990 yen (tax included) will be settled from the registered credit card.
* Menu contents change weekly. You cannot specify the menu.
* The content per piece is about 300g. The content varies depending on the menu.


  • Benefits of using “Chef’s Unattached Making”

By using “Chef’s Unattached Making”, you can significantly reduce not only cooking time but also time and effort for shopping and menus.

Not only does it reduce the physical burden, but it also creates psychological space, so the greatest merit of this service is that you can effectively utilize that space for your family and yourself.

When using a housekeeping service, etc., there are many people who are concerned about the cost and the psychological burden of “ask someone”, but “Chef’s unaccompanied making” is a service that can clear everything in terms of ease and cost. is.


  • Voice of monitor user

“Chef’s unattached Tsukurioki” was created by having the monitor family members who cooperated with us actually use the service and referring to the impressions received.

Here, I would like to introduce a few impressions of the monitor family members.

We will start accepting orders at the same time as the service starts on March 11th (Friday), but the number of products manufactured is limited because we will deliver freshly refrigerated side dishes.
Prior to the start of accepting orders, advance orders will be started only for FIT FOOD HOME members.

[Advance order period: until 12:00 on February 25 (Friday)]<< Those who have not registered as a member >>
Please register as a member from the official website of FIT FOOD HOME in advance.
* After registering as a member, please follow the steps below to place an advance order.

<< Those who have completed membership registration >>
1. 1. Please order from the dedicated form.
2. 2. We will inform you by e-mail of the confirmed contents within 2 to 3 days after ordering.
3. 3. The change / cancellation period is until February 28 (Monday).

* Orders are on a first-come, first-served basis.
* We do not accept changes / cancellations beyond the change / cancellation period.
* Registration of “credit card” and “delivery address information” to FIT FOOD HOME is required to apply.
* We apologize for any inconvenience caused if you are new to membership or have no purchase history, but please register your credit card information after “February 16th (Thursday)” and place an order using the dedicated form. increase.
* If there is an error in the credit card usage status or the registered information of the delivery address, we may not be able to accept your order.

[Notes on ordering]

* “Chef’s unattached Tsukurioki” is a[subscription service]that delivers refrigerated side dishes every week.
* No charges will be incurred at the time of pre-order.
* We will send you an order confirmation email within 2 to 3 days after the advance order. The initial delivery fee of ¥ 3,218 (tax included) + shipping fee of ¥ 990 (tax included) will be settled before the product is delivered according to the confirmation details.
* From the second time onward, 4,838 yen (tax included) and shipping fee 990 yen (tax included) will be settled from the registered credit card.
* If you wish to cancel the second and subsequent products, the cancellation period will be until March 9th (Tuesday). For cancellation, please use the “Cancellation Form 2nd” in the email after confirming your order.
* Payment may not be possible depending on the usage status of the registered credit card. If payment cannot be made, the order will be canceled.
* The number of items sold is limited, and we will notify you by email when your order is confirmed.
* Hokkaido and Okinawa are not covered by the service. Some other areas are also excluded. Customers in areas not covered will be notified by email after application.
* Changes and cancellations for the first delivery will be until[February 28 (Monday)].

  • Weekly menu information is on the official LINE!

On the official LINE of “Chef’s Unattached Tsukurioki”, we will deliver the latest information such as detailed contents of the menu delivered every week. Lots of special information that can only be seen here!
If you have any questions, please contact LINE here.

Please register together with the pre-order!
[Click here to register as a friend of the official LINE]

[Click here for the pre-order form]

【Product name】
Chef’s unattached making
[Product price]Set of 5: 4,838 yen (tax included) * Shipping fee of 990 yen (tax included) will be charged separately.

Company name: AIVICK Co., Ltd.
Location: 416 Hachijo-cho, Minami-ku, Kyoto 601-8471 Yonezawa Kyoto Hachijo Building 6F
Phone number: 075-634-9125
Business content: Personal optimal wellness business

Person in charge: AIVICK Co., Ltd.
Marketing Department
Brand manager Enoki

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