DEAPcoin is listed on the major crypto asset exchange “Gate.io” today! | Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd Press Release

Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. (DEA), which develops the GameFi platform business globally based in Singapore, has a crypto asset DEAPcoin (ticker code “DEP”) issued by the company, which is a major crypto asset exchange “Gate.io”. As a result of user voting, we announced that we were listed today.

DEA will continue to expand alliances to further strengthen the PlayMining economic zone by delivering DEPs around the world.

Listing date: February 18 (Friday)
Trading pairs: DEP / USDT, DEP / ETH

■ What is Gate.io?

Gate.io is one of the leading crypto asset exchanges, founded in China in 2013.
Operated by Gate Technology Inc., it offers both centralized and decentralized, comprehensive protection of user funds, while providing state-of-the-art, efficient transactions and instant deposit and withdrawal services. ..
Also, as a feature of Gate.io, the tokens to be listed are decided by user voting. If you get more than 10 million votes as a result of user voting, you will be listed on Gate.io’s transaction list.
Gate.io is one of the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, trading over $ 3 billion a day.

You can see the details of Gate.io from the official website.


■ What is DEAP coin (DEP)?

DEAPcoin is a utility token that is distributed on the GameFi platform “PlayMining” operated by DEA and can be used for NFT transactions. PlayMining started service on May 26, 2020, and as of January 2022, it has more than 2.3 million users in 100 countries around the world.
DEAPcoin is the first Play to Earn token to be distributed in Japan, and Play Mining is also the world’s first Play to Earn token economy, leading the world in the GameFi domain.

More information on DEAPcoin can be found in the white paper.


Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd. | https://dea.sg/jp/
DEA, which handles the GameFi platform business, is a company established in Singapore in August 2018. We are developing the Play to Earn game “Job Tribes” and the NFT Marketplace “NFT Marketplace by DEP (name will be changed to” Play Mining NFT “from February 22nd)”. Utilizing blockchain technology, we aim to realize a world where “enjoyment turns into value”.

Representative: Naoto Yoshida Kozo Yamada
Location: 7 Straits View, Marina One East Tower, # 05-01, Singapore 018936
Established: August 2018
Business: GameFi platform business

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