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Of “Nikkan Sports Premium”

Welcome to the free version


When the newspaper was first published in 1946

The ambition of Nikkan Sports

“A devastated society after the war

Brighten with the power of sports “



Now that 76 years have passed

Even in the digital world

I don’t change my mind

The bottomless charm of sports and entertainment

If you can share it with everyone-


Can only be tasted here

Delivering a premium content experience

Services.– service –

“Nikkan Sports Premium (free version)” is a membership service for all sports and entertainment fans.

Please register for your favorite plan from baseball, sports, entertainment, and all genres, and tell us your satisfaction with the questionnaire displayed at the end of reading the article.

We will continue to make improvements based on the opinions we receive, and aim to provide services that please everyone.

Three benefits of premium members

01 01All-you-can-read member-only special feature “The Story”!

The story of the present, past, and future, which Nikkan Sports squeezes. Reporters who are close to the interviewees will deliver stories that can only be read here, which could not be written in newspapers or breaking news.

02 02Past masterpieces that could only be read in newspapers are back as limited content!

The rich archives accumulated over 76 years have been re-edited to fit the modern context. The life style and words of the professionals who built the era hide hints for living in the present. We are planning to provide a special feature on photographs and a special feature on paper that captures historical moments.

03 03A special content experience only for premium members

“Nikkan Sports Premium” is waiting for your visit by preparing an environment where you can enter the content.

Prepare a plan for each genre and cut advertisements. Based on the tendency you browsed, we will deliver the best recommended to you.

A newsletter handwritten by the editorial department is also being prepared.

Notice Notice– news –


Nikkan Sports Premium (free version) has opened

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