Winners of “INNOVATION LEAGUE 2021 Contest” have been decided! | Japan Sports Agency press release

We are pleased to announce that the winners of the “INNOVATION LEAGUE 2021 Contest” jointly held by the Japan Sports Agency with SPORTS TECH TOKYO (* 1) have been decided. At the same time, we will also announce the applicants (finalists) who did not receive the award, but were left until the final selection.

There were a total of 78 applications this time. Based on the content of the application, a judge consisting of 11 experts in sports and sports business judged and decided the winners of each award. In addition, the applicants (finalists) who remained until the final selection were asked to give a pitch to present the application contents at the final judging committee.

Please see the official website for information on judges and the vision of this contest.

“INNOVATION LEAGUE 2021 Contest” Official Website

■ Innovation League Grand Prize-Innovation in sports! ~

“Project Guideline”
Google (

DENA Co., Ltd. (

“Activation of local and amateur sports by AI sports video distribution solution” STADIUM TUBE “”
NTT Sportict Co., Ltd. (

■ Social Impact Award-Advancing society with the power of sports! ~

“1252 project”
Do not stop sports (

“Paraling Parasports simulated experience VR (360 °) video”
Recruit Sustainability Promotion Office (

“Biima sports”
Biima Co., Ltd. (

“Safety and security certification” UNIVAS SSC (UNIVAS Safety and Security Certification) “system”
University Sports Association (

■ Activation Award-A new form of sponsorship utilization! ~

“[Player!]DX for supporting corporate sports in Korona-ka”
Ookami Co., Ltd. (

DENA Co., Ltd. (

“Gamba Osaka Soccer Business Academy (GBA)”
Gamba Osaka Co., Ltd. (

■ Pioneer Award-Take a pinch of sports as an opportunity! ~

“University of Tsukuba Athletic Department”
National University Corporation Tsukuba University Athletic Department (

“Activation of local and amateur sports by AI sports video distribution solution” STADIUM TUBE “”
NTT Sportict Co., Ltd. (

“Monthly event service” Sonoligo “that provides a new cultural experience”
Sonoligo Inc. (

In addition, at the “INNOVATION LEAGUE 2021 Demo Day” scheduled to be held on March 14th (Monday), the award ceremony of the “INNOVATION LEAGUE 2021 Contest” will be held together with the announcement of the results of the “INNOVATION LEAGUE 2021 Acceleration”.

Please apply for participation from the following.

■ INNOVATION LEAGUE 2021 Demo Day Overview
Date and time: Monday, March 14, 2022 17:00 –20:00 (opening at 17:00)
Held: BASE Q Tokyo Midtown Hibiya 6F
Organizer: Japan Sports Agency / SPORTS TECH TOKYO
Participation fee: Free (pre-registration required)
Others: Online distribution and archive release are not currently planned.
How to participate: Please apply from the following URL

A program run by the Japan Sports Agency in collaboration with SPORTS TECH TOKYO to promote the construction of a sports open innovation platform (SOIP). It consists of the “INNOVATION LEAGUE Acceleration” that expands the sports business and the “INNOVATION LEAGUE Contest” that recognizes new initiatives in the sports business.

INNOVATION LEAGUE official website

A global acceleration program with the theme of sports tech. At the time of the first event, about 300 startups from 33 countries around the world applied. In addition to startups, various players such as companies, sports teams / competition groups, consultants, and media participate. It is also an open innovation platform aimed at business development.

SPORTS TECH TOKYO Official Website

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