Completion report of “Rethink fashion program”, a contest-type program that reconsiders and revalues ​​fashion | Press release of shoichi, Inc.

Message that shoichi wants to send

shoichi is an inventory disposal company.
Therefore, when shoichi is featured in the media,
Mostly treated as an antithesis against overstocking and disposal.

This expression is not true for shoichi.
shoichi is always working hard with a stance of supporting the manufacturing industry, wholesale industry, retail industry, and distribution as a whole.
In Shoichi’s view, Japanese customers can live a rich life.
In order to “get good products at the right price, at the right time, everyone”
Inventory is essential.

Inventory is essential, but there are too few ways to dispose of the remaining inventory without damaging the brand.
The problem is that many of these methods, disposal, are selected.
What I want to send is not the message “disposal is evil”

“There are many ways to use the remaining inventory, products, fabrics, accessories, and raw materials in this way.”

I would like to present a lot of options to society.
I hope this program will be one of the starting points.

The existence of a company called shoichi reduces the number of products to be discarded.
You have more options to do something with the products you dispose of.
shoichi wants to contribute to society, the apparel industry, and distribution as a whole.

■ Future of Rethink fashion program
We plan to hold this program in 2022 as well.
If anyone can sponsor and sponsor with us for the future of fashion, please let us know.


“Rethink fashion program” completion report
■ Significance and background of this program

Fashion has given us hope, dreams, self-confidence and freedom.
On the other hand, there are few mechanisms to utilize the environmental destruction caused by production using more water and energy than necessary, the impact on animals and plants, the unsafe working environment, and the remaining inventory.
We cannot pass on these issues to the future without being aware of them.
How can we deal with this situation and how can we deal with it?
We would like to explore the possibilities of coexistence and utilization, and increase the options for new ways of doing things, rather than just making things that have supported the development and convenience of the past evil.

■ Organizer / operator of this program
Organizer: shoichi Co., Ltd.
Co-sponsored by: Osaka Culture and Fashion Academy
Planning and management: morning after cutting my hair, Inc.
Sponsored by: Japan International Exposition Association 2025

■ Overall schedule and the process behind it

■ Program results
・ All 5 lecture program participants: 535 people in total

1st (10/4) 102 people
2nd (10/11) 106 people
3rd (10/18) 108 people
4th (10/25) 113 people
5th (10/30) 106 people
(* Including multiple participants and viewers of archive distribution)

・ Number of contest program entry teams: 15 teams
Of these, 14 team applications, 2 individual applicants / 1 team
* Contest entry is required to participate in the lecture at least twice in advance.

・ Program participant attributes

[Student participation]
・ Osaka Bunka Fashion College
・ Kansai University Faculty of Business Administration
・ Kobe University
・ Kwansei Gakuin University
・ Keio University School of Medicine
・ Tokyo Mode Gakuen
・ Faculty of Agriculture, Yamagata University
・ Municipal Hakodate High School, etc.

[General participation]
・ Working at a major apparel company
・ Representative of general incorporated association for apparel manufacturing
・ Working at a medical limited liability company
・ Freelance creators and others


■ Lecture program contents ・ Speakers

■ Submissions and scoring method

● You will be asked to create a work or devise a mechanism.
● The final output is presentation materials + photos / videos to convey the feelings of each team.
● A total of 7 speakers, sponsors, and co-sponsors will be scored on a scale of 5 points each.
● Winners will be decided based on the total score of 7 judges

■ Selection criteria

1. Insight / relationship building ability
Do you show solutions to social issues?

2. Viewpoint / viewpoint
Do you ask deeply about “fashion” from your own perspective?

3. Quality
Are the deliverables highly complete and attractive?

■ Selection committee

■ Award-winning works


Inquiries regarding this matter
[Shoichi Co., Ltd.]

Representative: Shoichi Yamamoto, Representative Director
Osaka Headquarters: 2-6-5 Minamihonmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 541-0054 First Senba 301
Tokyo branch office: Aoyama TDS Building B1,3,4F, 3-2-7 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0061
Inquiries: 050-3151-5247

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