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Q. A contest was held in honor of Cat Day on February 22nd. Which cat do you think won the championship? Please choose by intuition.


A: Maine Coon
B: Persia
C: Munchkin
D: Bengal

Which one did you choose? Let’s see the result immediately.

What does this psychological test tell you?

Your real weapon

In deep psychology, “cat” reflects “self”. And the situation of “winning the contest” implies “pride” and “pride”.

From this, you can search for “your real weapon” by choosing the winning cat.

A: You who chose “Maine Coon” …

You who have dignity and calmness. It seems to give off a dignified charm and aura that will be treated specially wherever you go.

Your “real weapon” is the capacity to forgive and accept everything. Sometimes they act selfishly like tyrants, but to protect their rights and their loved ones. You really are very kind and have the power to embrace anyone deeply.

You tend to try to hide that weapon, but that’s counterproductive! Rather, if you use it openly, you should be able to exert a stronger presence than ever before.

B: You who chose “Persia” … Through power

The person who chose this answer is the type who is highly cooperative and can work well with anyone. You may not be reluctant to actually match or leave it to others.

Your “real weapon” is through power. It seems that he is listening to the stories around Nico Nico, and there seems to be Fushi who is listening to the inconvenient thing. That’s why it’s okay to take the mount or be ironically told.

However, even seemingly painful words can be noticeable. Try changing the order so that you don’t conditioned reflexively through, but listen once and then listen if you don’t need it. You should be able to grow yourself.

C: You who chose “Munchkin” … Creativity

Those who choose this answer love to be curious and have fun. However, I may not be good at expressing myself because I am accustomed to restraining myself and adjusting to the surroundings.

Your “real weapon” is creativity. Feel free to spread your fantasy wings and catch ideas and inspirations! You will have the power to create a new world.

To make the most of that power, let people know what you think and feel. While sharing with the people around you, you should be able to get a good reaction, a collaborator, a talent blooming, and a chance to improve your self-affirmation.

D: You who chose “Bengal” … Insight

You are a natural person. Let’s live according to our feelings and instincts until we are free.

It’s thought to be laid-back, but your “real weapon” is a keen insight. Because we have the power to see the truth and the true intentions of people in an instant, we can spend time without trouble even if we behave freely.

Unfortunately, you don’t realize the power and use it for your feelings. If you realize it as your strength, it will be a strong weapon for work and private life. Take this opportunity to be aware of it.


What you are not aware of is often a “strong weapon.” Please refer to this psychological test to find and utilize your strengths.

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