Introduced “Business Financial Management”, a corporate fund management service, to The Chugoku Bank | Money Forward Co., Ltd.


Introduced “Business Financial Management”, a corporate fund management service, to the Bank of China

Expanded to corporate customers of the Bank of China and realized visualization of corporate funds

Money Forward Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yosuke Tsuji, hereinafter “the Company”) is a corporate fund management service “Business Financial Management (hereinafter” BFM “) provided by the Company to financial institutions. Will be introduced to China Bank, Ltd. (Headquarters: Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture, President: Sadanori Kato). We will start providing “BFM” to corporate customers of The Chugoku Bank from around the summer of 2022.

Bank of China is a corporate customer through “BFM”* 1In addition to supporting the solution of problems in cash management and cash flow, we will reduce the burden of accounting work of companies and promote the efficiency and productivity improvement of work.

Going forward, we will continue to develop functions such as “visualization of cash flow” and “future cash flow forecast” centered on “solving problems related to fund management of small and medium-sized enterprises”, and provide “BFM” to financial institutions in each region. We will provide it.
* 1 Corporate customer (company): Customers of companies and sole proprietors who have corporate accounts

■ About “Business Financial Management (BFM)”
“BFM” is a corporate fund management service provided to corporate customers of financial institutions as a service of “Money Forward Fintech Platform”. Through “BFM”, corporate customers can manage bank account balances and deposit / withdrawal details on the management screen, and can also acquire account information of multiple financial institutions that they manage on a daily basis. Therefore, you can get the latest information without the hassle of making a passbook.In addition, financial institutions can grasp the cash flow of corporate customers in real time.* 2It will be possible to provide support that is useful for management improvement such as financing.
* 2 Account information will be provided to the bank based on the consent of the corporate customer to the terms.

▽ Bank account cooperation
・ By linking your bank accounts, you can centrally manage the balance and deposit / withdrawal details of each account.

▽ Indefinite retention / search function for deposit / withdrawal details
・ You can keep and search deposit and withdrawal details indefinitely.
・ You can search past transaction details.

▽ Cash flow management function
・ You can check the transition of deposits and withdrawals and account balance in a graph.
・ Easily predict future balances

▽ Information sharing function within the company
・ Multiple employees can share financial information

■ About “BFM” provided through the Bank of China
You can use “BFM” by applying for “Chugin Biz-ID” at the Chugoku Bank.

Money Forward X Headquarters

■ About “Money Forward Fintech Platform”
The “Money Forward Fintech Platform” is a platform that collects, accumulates, and analyzes asset data and payment data, and delivers services to individuals and corporations that are customers together with “Money Forward X” clients such as financial institutions. You can also work with services provided by partner companies such as Fintech companies.

■ About Money Forward Co., Ltd.
Name: Money Forward Co., Ltd.
Location: 3-1-21 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo msb Tamachi Tamachi Station Tower S 21F
Representative: Yosuke Tsuji, President and CEO
Established: May 2012
Business: Development and provision of PFM services and cloud services
Main service:
Money visualization service “Money Forward ME”
Back Office SaaS “Money Forward Cloud”

* Company names and product / product / service names (including logo marks, etc.) described are trademarks of each company or registered trademarks of each right holder.

Money Forward Co., Ltd.
Public Relations: Murai / Tanaka

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