“Travel 2 Strawberries” -Travel the World Strawberry Sweets Buffet-Part 2 | Conrad Osaka Press Release

“Travel 2 Strawberries” -Strawberry Sweets Buffet Traveling the World-Korea

Now that you can’t travel freely, executive pastry chef Jimmy Boulay will deliver sweets from two countries with plenty of strawberry, with the desire to give you a taste of traveling with sweets from around the world. .. This time, please enjoy Korea, which is said to be the “4th Korean wave boom” and is very popular with women.

During the promotion, Conrad Osaka “Sweets Passport” will be issued to all customers who come. Stamp when you come to the store. From the customers who collected 4 stamps, 2 pairs each by lottery 3 nights 4 days pair accommodation vouchers that can actually travel to Hilton or Conrad Hotel in either Hawaii or South Korea for a total of 4 pairs 8 people I will give you a present. We will respond flexibly to your stay.

The Korean sweets buffet in the latter half will be prepared with a decoration that incorporates a photogenic aurora color into the buffet table, which changes color by adjusting the amount of light, which is now popular in Korea. From traditional Korean sweets, sweets like soup powder that have been enjoyed for a long time, “Strawberry Tanpatchu” which arranged tanpatchu with freeze-dried strawberry, old-fashioned sweets made by hardening rice and nuts Enjoy the “Strawberry Ganjong Rice Nut Bar” created by adding strawberry, “Strawberry Pex Solgi” which is a cute Korean rice cake made by steaming rice flour with strawberry powder and strawberry, and the die-cutting that became a hot topic in the popular drama. We have prepared Korean sugar confectionery “Dargona Candy”.

Strawberry Ganjong Rice Nut BarStrawberry Ganjong Rice Nut Bar

Strawberry PexorgiStrawberry Pexorgi

Dargona candyDargona candy

From the Korean sweets that are popular in recent years, “Dargona Strawberry Tiramisu” inspired by Dargona Coffee, which is topped with whipped foam of coffee powder, sugar and water, and colorfully colored “Candy Cake” In “, when you cut the cake, the candy comes out from the inside, which is a moviegenic and popular cake reproduced in pop color. “Tunkaron”, which is made by sandwiching plenty of vanilla cream, which was popular in the previous year, and has an excellent moist texture, and Korean “rice flour twist donuts and strawberry jam”, which has a firm texture even with rice flour. , “Waffles and Strawberries”, which you can enjoy with plenty of strawberry sauce and strawberries as a topping, will be delivered in a reprint this year as well.

Dalgona Strawberry TiramisuDalgona Strawberry Tiramisu

Candy cake 2Candy cake 2

Tunkaron vanilla cream and strawberryTunkaron vanilla cream and strawberry

Rice flour twisted donuts and strawberry jamRice flour twisted donuts and strawberry jam

In addition, the aurora color, which is the theme color of the mirror cake of Boulay’s signature sweets, was created with a gorgeous color scheme using strawberry and marmalade, and the eye shadow palette was imitated in the image of Korea, a beauty powerhouse. Enjoy the beauty of colors such as “Coffee mousse cake strawberry and red bean compote”.

Strawberry mousse and orange marmalade aurora cakeStrawberry mousse and orange marmalade aurora cake

Coffee mousse cake Strawberry and red bean compoteCoffee mousse cake Strawberry and red bean compote

In addition, 10 kinds of savory items will be filled with Korean food such as “vegetable and sardine gimbap”, “choregi salad”, “yangnyeom chicken”, “possum”, “bulgogi”, “toppogi”, and “samgyetang”. We will prepare it.


[Bonus 1]Customers who post their photos to their Instagram account on the spot with the hashtag “# Travel2Strawberries” will receive a glass of sparkling wine.

[Bonus 2]A 3 night 4 day pair accommodation voucher (including breakfast) will be presented to 2 groups of 4 people (4 groups of 8 people in total) for accommodation vouchers for Hilton or Conrad hotels in either Hawaii or South Korea.
Campaign period: January 13th (Thursday) to May 8th (Sunday), 2022
Qualifications: Those who have experienced the Sweets Buffet four times from January 13th (Thursday) to May 8th (Sunday), 2022, and have collected four stamps in their sweets passport. We will distribute the sweets passport to everyone the first time you visit the store, and after that, we will issue a new passport every time you collect 4 stamps. Applications will be accepted at the store when you press the 4th stamp. You cannot apply twice with the same passport by stamping the EXPIRED stamp on the passport that has been applied for with 4 stamps.
Prize content: Two pairs each at the Hilton or Conrad Hotel in Hawaii or South Korea will be presented with a three-night, four-day pair accommodation voucher for a total of four pairs. You cannot choose the country. We will stay in 2023, but please feel free to contact us. * There are exclusion dates. * Depends on availability.
Announcement method: Winners will be notified by Conrad Osaka by May 31, 2022 (Tuesday). * You can apply as many times as you like. * Multiple stamps are allowed in the same country. * Passports are not transferable. * Passport stamps are stamped only when used during the promotion period. (If you cannot use the service due to a change in business days, we will not be able to carry it over to the next promotion.)


Conrad Osaka Executive Pastry Chef
Jimmy Boulay

Born and raised in Le Mans, in the western part of France, Boulay began his career as a chocolatier under the title of France’s most prestigious MOF (Meilleur Ouvrier de France), Jacques Bellanghe. .. After that, he trained as a pastry chef under Mr. Cedric Glore, who is said to be his pastry chef, the world’s best chef at “Fauchon” in Paris and the 5-star hotel “Le Mouris” in Paris. rice field. In October 2018, he became an executive of Conrad Osaka and became his pastry chef. In addition to the “Floating Patisserie” “AERIA” that opened in July 2018, it has jurisdiction over all the sweets in the hotel such as 4 restaurants & bars, weddings and banquets.

“Travel 2 Strawberries” -Strawberry Sweets Buffet Traveling the World- (Korea)
Period March 3 (Thursday) -May 8 (Sunday)
Hours-Thursday, April 28, Weekdays 14: 30-16: 30, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 2nd division / 90 minutes 14: 30-16: 00/16: 30-18: 00
April 29th (Friday) -May 8th (Sunday) 15: 30-17: 00
Price Adults 6,900 yen, Children 3,450 yen
Place Atmos Dining (40F)
Reservation HP or call 06-6222-0111 (representative).
Contents Approximately 20 types of sweets (with fresh strawberry) Approximately 10 types of savory items (with coffee and tea)

[Menu example]

· Tunkaron vanilla cream and strawberry
· Shaved ice and strawberry
· Rice flour twisted donuts and strawberry jam
· Strawberry Tan Patch
· Waffles and strawberries
· Strawberry Baxorgi
· Korean tea and almond financier
· Strawberry ice cream
· Strawberry and sesame biscuits
· Strawberry Gun John Rice Nut Bar
· Dargona candy
· Coffee mousse cake Strawberry and red bean compote
· Chocolate biscuits and strawberry cheesecake
· Strawberry mousse and orange marmalade aurora cake
· Black sesame, vanilla and mango mousse cake
· Strawberry Matcha Pound Cake
· Dargona Strawberry Tiramisu
· Strawberry pastel cube
· Strawberry glitter cupcakes
· Candy cake
· Strawberry

· Vegetable gimbap
· Tuna gimbap
· Choregi salad
· Chinese cabbage kimchi
· Namul Assortment
· Yan’nyomu chicken
· Possum
· Bulgogi
· Toppogi
· Samgyetang

* We operate in accordance with the guidelines of Osaka Prefecture.
* We ask everyone to wear masks and gloves when taking the buffet.
* We request that you thoroughly implement “mask dinner for 4 or less people”.
* Taxes and service charges are included in the displayed charges.
* The buffet is half the normal rate for adults for children (6 to 12 years old) and free for children under 5 years old.
* Business hours are subject to change depending on the spread of the new coronavirus infection in the future.

In addition, in the book “Travel 2 Strawberries” -Travel the World Strawberry Sweets Buffet-, you can use the dining privilege “Like a Member” of Hilton’s guest loyalty program “Hilton Honors”. Also available to Hilton Honors members who do not stay at the hotel, this offer includes bonus points and discounts of up to 25% at Hilton-operated restaurants and bars in the Asia-Pacific region. .. Click here for details on the benefits. Please take this opportunity to register for “Hilton Honors” and take advantage of the benefits.


[Hilton Clean Stay Measures]・ An automatic disinfectant spray is installed at the entrance, and we ask that you use the disinfectant spray when entering the store.
・ Disinfectant sprays are installed on all restaurant tables.
・ We have prepared a space that keeps a certain distance.
・ The staff is wearing a mask.

Learn more about Hilton’s new hygiene standard, the Hilton Clean Stay.

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