“GiGO Takadanobaba” 1 minute walk from Takadanobaba Station March 10 (Thursday) 10:00 Grand Opening | Press release of GENDA GiGO Entertainment Co., Ltd.

“GiGO Takadanobaba” will be opened on the 1st and 2nd floors of the “Grand Tokyo Kaikan” building, 195.4 tsubo, right next to the Waseda exit of Takadanobaba Station, one of the leading student towns in Tokyo.
The product lineup on the floor includes crane game machines with “limited prizes * 1 at our stores” and “popular character goods,” popular video games, music games, print sticker machines, etc., for anime and game fans. Of course, the composition is designed to please a wide range of customers, from students visiting Takada Baba to working adults. In addition, we will hold a number of events such as “Limited Campaign for Our Stores * 1” to provide many customers with an experience that makes them want to come again.
* 1 Our store = “SEGA store, GiGO store”.

  • New brand “GiGODevelopment background

While experiencing a global pandemic and expanding the lifestyle premised on non-contact, the thirst for a realistic experience is increasing. As a manifestation of our determination to continue to be an oasis that fulfills people’s cravings with real entertainment, we have decided to start a “new founding” with a new brand.

Get into the Gaming Oasis = Jump into the oasis of the game!

Regardless of the times, we believe that the value of a new arcade is to satisfy people’s desires in a “real place” and continue to evolve. We will continue to cherish the 56-year history of SEGA’s arcades and continue to be an oasis that meets the needs of people. The keyword that expresses this is “Get into the Gaming Oasis!”, And the acronym is “GiGO”.

  • “”GiGO Takadanobaba” overview

● Address: 4-7-5 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 1st basement floor + 2nd floor above ground

● Access: JR Takadanobaba Station Exit the Waseda Exit ticket gate and walk 1 minute from the building on the left.

● Phone number: 03-5937-1515

● Business hours: 10: 00-23: 00

● Business area: B1: 69.3 tsubo 1F: 60.9 tsubo 2F: 65.2 tsubo Total 195.4 tsubo

● Number of installations: 131 in total Crane game machine / 65 units, music game / 18 units, experience game / 10 units, video game machine / 16 units Large video game / 15 units, print sticker machine / 3 units, kids card machine / 4 units, product sales lottery

● Store URL: https://tempo.gendagigo.jp/am/takadanobaba/

● Store Twitter:https://twitter.com/GiGO_Tkdbb

● SEGA Platon: Target


  • SEGA Platon Open Commemorative Campaign

In commemoration of the new opening of the membership service “SEGA Platon”, if you register My Game Center in the in-app profile to “GiGO Takadanobaba” during the period from the opening date to May 8, 2022 (Sun), it will be worth 2,000 yen. We will hold a campaign to win the service ticket of.
* Campaign site: https://tempo.gendagigo.jp/segaplaton_open_cp/

What is “SEGA Platon”?
It is a “membership service of SEGA stores” that allows you to receive advantageous services according to your play history. In addition to payment of play fees and cash payments using electronic money registered in the dedicated smartphone app, points added for store visit bonuses, commonly known as “Keikenchi,” can be accumulated to improve “membership grade.” You will receive a gift every time you are promoted. In addition, we offer various membership benefits such as getting a “service ticket” for free every month.
SEGA Platon Official URL: https://platon.gendasega.jp/


  • Follow & Retweet Campaign

During the campaign period, those who follow the GiGO Takadanobaba Twitter account and retweet the corresponding campaign tweet will be eligible for the lottery. We will give gift certificates etc. to 2 people every week by lottery.
・ Implementation period: March 5th (Sat) -April 1st (Fri), 2022
·Application method
1.GiGO Takadanobaba Twitter account (https://twitter.com/GiGO_Tkdbb) Follow
2. Retweet this campaign tweet
* For details on the campaign, please check the official Twitter account of GiGO Takadanobaba on the above schedule.

  • About prevention of spread of coronavirus infection

During business hours, we will focus on managing the physical condition of our employees, and will encourage them to wear masks, wash their hands, gargle, and disinfect. In the store, we regularly disinfect and clean the facility using a surfactant containing benzalkonium chloride. GENDA GiGO Entertainment’s amusement facilities will endeavor to create an environment where customers can spend their time comfortably.

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