Graduate brand “tanaka daisuke”, Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2022 A / W first participation. Osaka Bunka Fashion College is fully backed up! Held at Shibuya Hikarie on Wednesday, March 16th.

■ About the background of participation in Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO

OIF has endeavored to develop human resources and support incubation from a global perspective under the slogan of “cultivating professionals who can play an active role in the world”, such as establishing the highest-class special department “Super Designer Department” of our school in 2008. rice field. This year, which is the 75th anniversary of the school’s founding, we have decided to co-sponsor and participate in Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO (hereinafter Rakuten FWT), one of the five major fashion weeks in the world, as a commemorative incubation project.

This time, we will participate in the brand “tanaka daisuke” by Daisuke Tanaka, a graduate of our school. In recognition of his recent achievements, he will perform a runway show at Shibuya Hikarie on Rakuten FWT’s official schedule.

In addition, as a related event, two active student brands of “DOKKA vivid” and “YUUNA ICHIKAWA” who were selected for the Grand Prix of the “Asia Fashion Collection” held in October last year and officially participated in “New York Fashion Week” in February this year. Will hold an installation-style show at the same venue as “tanaka daisuke”.

Mr. Fumi Sakai of VISIONS AND PARADOX as a general director, Mr. Keisuke Hasebe, CEO of Patchworks, the operating company of “tanaka daisuke” as a planning and management, and Harumi Showroom of an apparel brand showroom as a PR person, the best partners are assigned. Keita Kato, General Manager of OIF’s Corporate Planning Office, will be in charge of overall production.

Please pay attention to the results of global human resources development transmitted by OIF through this project.

■ Outline of the event
・ “Tanaka daisuke” collection

Date and time: Wednesday, March 16, 2022 12: 30-
Location: Shibuya Hikarie Hall A (Access

・ Active student brand installation show “Osaka Bunka Fashion College SUPER CREATIVE ACT”
Date and time: Wednesday, March 16, 2022 12: 00-12: 15
Location: Shibuya Hikarie Hall A (Access

* Invitation is required to view both events. For inquiries and interviews, please contact the following.
* As a measure to prevent infection with the new coronavirus, we may not be able to accept your request due to the reduced capacity. Thank you for your understanding.

Osaka Bunka Fashion College (OIF)
Corporate Planning Office / Public Relations: Keita Kato, Akitoshi Toyoda
TEL: 06-6392-4371 / FAX: 06-6391-5600

■ About the graduate brand “tanaka daisuke”

・ Brand profile

Based on Tanaka’s specialty, embroidery, we have developed a romantic and fantastic collection based on the concept of “I hope you can meet the unseen self in yourself with clothes that look like spells.”
Brand site:


Daisuke Tanaka

Joined Keita Maruyama after graduating from Osaka Bunka Fashion College in March 2015. After she became independent, she worked as a costume maker and an embroiderer.
In 2021, he made his debut as a collection brand “tanakadaisuke” and is releasing his works irregularly. He has been introduced in the media as a notable designer, such as a collaboration with NEWS Takahisa Masuda. He is the finalist of the 89th Soen Awards. Participated in Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2022 A / W.

■ Introduction of current student brands

① “DOKKA vivid”

・ Brand profile

With the theme of “Spice for your life.”, It features elegant and vivid vivid colors that make you want to go out to the city. Have fun and be happy with DOKKA’s clothes! I want to deliver items that will spice up my life ♬
Brand site:


Nodoka Sugauchi & Akiho Natsu

Currently a 4th year student in the Department of Super Designer. Since she was in school, she has been active as a sustainable brand, apart from the regular curriculum. She is energetically active in pop-up shops at Hankyu Umeda Main Store, sales at her own online shop, and fashion shows. Won the Grand Prix at the global incubation project “ASIA FASHION Collection” sponsored by BTS Parco. Presented her collection at NY Fashion Week in February 2022.



・ Brand profile

A brand whose concept is “to give a shock that will upset the lives of women who strongly confront society.”
“creating a shock that would stir the lives of women who are strong and stand up for society”
Brand site:


Yuna Ichikawa

Currently a 4th year student in the Department of Super Designer. In 2020, while attending school, launched the brand as an activity within the curriculum. In addition to selling at select shops, he has many achievements such as costume leasing to fashion magazines. In 2021, she participated in costume making at TOMO KOIZUMI’s Nijo Castle collection. Grand Prix at the international competition “Dalian Cup”, Grand Prix at “ASIA FASHION Collection”,
Presented the collection at NY Fashion Week in February 2022.

■ What is Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO?
“Fashion Week” is a fashion festival held twice a year in fashion cities around the world, and the latest collections presented at fashion shows and exhibitions give rise to trends for the next season. Among the fashion weeks in the world, those held in the five cities of Paris, Milan, London, New York, and Tokyo, which have great information dissemination power due to history and topicality, are collectively called “Five Major Fashion Weeks” and are big. Have an influence.
Fashion Week in Tokyo is “Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO”. It is sponsored by the Japan Fashion Week Promotion Organization (JFWO) and is held in March and August every year. From two bases, Shibuya Hikarie and Omotesando Hills, and various parts of Tokyo, we will send out the latest Japanese creations that are drawing attention in the world.

■ About OIF’s contribution to the fashion industry
The number of students in the clothing and home economics (fashion) field continued to decline after peaking at 89,000 in 1977 (1st among the number of students in 8 major fields of vocational schools), and 16,000 in the first year of Reiwa (same as above). It has continued to decrease to 7th place) in 8 fields. As “the world’s second most environmentally friendly industry,” Gen Z’s support is declining, and the number of students is declining.

We believe that vocational schools play the role of “entrance to the industry” and public relations for the industry, which is an opportunity for younger generations such as high school students to aim for the fashion industry.

Through this incubation project and information dissemination, OIF would like to contribute to the rise of the fashion industry as a dreamy and attractive industry where fresh talents and sensibilities are welcomed.

■ About Osaka Bunka Fashion College (OIF)
One of the largest fashion colleges in western Japan with a history of 75 years. Under the management policy of “contributing to society through fashion,” in recent years we have increased cooperation with overseas fashion schools and focused on developing human resources who can play an active role internationally. In addition, as the need for DX increases worldwide, we are actively investing in digital content, fostering creativity that creates new value by fusing “international sense” and “digital skills.” Our vision is to “continue to be a fashion educational institution that is trusted by the world, with the highest achievements in Japan, and the ability to send information that will lead Asia.”

■ About OIF’s incubation project “SUPER CREATIVE ACT”

“SUPER CREATIVE ACT” is an incubation started in 2009 with the aim of transmitting world-standard creatives as an advanced fashion educational institution and backing up young talented creators such as current students and graduates. project. Every season, we hold various events such as exhibitions and sales events. As a result, we are exhibiting in rooms and pop-up exhibition at Hankyu Umeda Main Store every year. We also have a track record of working with Daimaru Shinsaibashi, Ema, and Breeze Breeze.

■ What is the Super Designer Department?

A four-year special department that trains world-class top designers. From the third year, he has his own brand and implements a one-of-a-kind educational program that is active for two years. Since I was in school, I have been actively engaged in brand activities such as handling at select shops and leasing costumes to talent artists. In the third year, based on European design education methods such as short-term study abroad at Polymoda, Italy, I always express the world view with a collection instead of one piece. It has a high track record in domestic and overseas contests and is highly evaluated by the industry.
* Advanced Diploma: Graduates will be awarded the same title as a 4-year university graduate.
* There are some changes in the curriculum due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection.

School corporation Mikuni Gakuen Osaka Bunka Fashion College
Location: 3-35-8 Mikunihonmachi, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka
Chairman: Kazuya Iwasaki
TEL: 06-6392-4371 / FAX: 06-6391-5600

■ For coverage and inquiries regarding this matter, please contact the following
Osaka Bunka Fashion College
Corporate Planning Office / Public Relations: Keita Kato, Akitoshi Toyoda
TEL: 06-6392-4371 / FAX: 06-6391-5600

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