Qoo10 Fashion Trend Report # 30 Platform and unisex designs are popular! Qoo10 announces popularity ranking of “sneakers” that can be bought at the 10,000 yen level

EBay Japan GK (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Gu Jahyun), which operates the comprehensive Internet shopping mall “Qoo10”, collects various fashion-related trend information from user trends.

This time, we will announce the popularity ranking of “sneakers” in the 10,000 yen range that you can buy on Qoo10. The sneakers from South Korea’s popular unisex design brand “23.65 (Esip Samcheon Yukuo)” ranked first.

[Qoo10、1万円台で購入できる 「スニーカー」人気ランキング]

■ Qoo10, “sneakers” popularity ranking that can be purchased in the 10,000 yen range

<1st place>

Shop / Item:[einzshop]23.65 V2 SHOES

Price: 10,633 yen


<2nd place>

Shop / Item:[LTD Online]AIR FORCE 1 LE GS white

Price: 15,999 yen


<3rd place>

Shop / Item:[BUY KOREA-Qoo10]New Balance MR530SH

Price: 14,900 yen


* Data extraction period: January 16th to February 15th, 2022

The ranking is based on the number of units sold in the “Sneakers / Slip-ons” category on the Qoo10 ( site.

It’s time to get warmer little by little, and I’m worried about spring outing coordination. Sneakers are useful for creating fashionable feet like this year. The latest trend is men’s-like design sneakers with a thick sole and a voluminous feel overall. You can wear it according to various clothes such as street, casual, and conservative, and you can also aim for a leg length effect because it has a thick sole. Many of the colors are white, which is easy to incorporate into any outfit, and unisex colors are increasing.

In this survey as well, unisex items were ranked 1st and 3rd in white and beige. The sneakers of the popular Korean brand “23.65 (Essip Samcheon Yukuo)”, which is ranked first, are also enjoyed in pair look in Korea.

■[einzshop]23.65 V2 SHOES

[Einzshop]23.65 V2 SHOES

Korean sneakers that K-POP stars also love!

Contrary to its rugged appearance, it is popular because it is light and easy to wear.

■[LTD Online]AIR FORCE 1 LE GS white

[LTD Online]AIR FORCE 1 LE GS white

NIKE’s masterpiece sneakers that are all white from the upper to the sole!

■[BUY KOREA-Qoo10]New Balance MR530SH

[BUY KOREA-Qoo10]New Balance MR530SH

A pair of shoes with high shock absorption and excellent cushioning.

[Attention item]

■[Zexy Mix]Dad Sneakers

[Zexy Mix]Dad Sneakers

Comes with 3 color shoelaces that can be changed according to your clothes and mood!



Modern and sporty Korean brand sneakers. Style up with a volumey 6 cm platform!

[EBay Japan GK]

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Business description: Operation of Internet shopping mall “Qoo10” and provision of Internet services

“Qoo10” is an open marketplace operated by eBay Japan GK. Qoo10, which started operation in 2010, boasts a wide range of products in all genres such as fashion, beauty, sports, digital, mobile, home living, living, food, babies, entertainment, books, and e-tickets. Through “Qoo10”, sellers (sellers) can freely list products from home and abroad, regardless of whether they are corporations or individuals, and buyers (buyers) can enjoy shopping in a safe and secure environment.

* Company names and product names in the text are trademarks or registered trademarks of each company.

* The information provided is as of the date of the announcement. Please note that it is subject to change without notice.

■ Contact information from customers

eBay Japan GK Qoo10 Support Center

(Reception: Weekdays 9: 00-18: 00, closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

TEL: 050-5840-9100

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