Rediscover Kyoto’s “delicious”! “KYOTO FOOD & CRAFT MARKET” held

Two days to discover the charm of Kyoto with gourmet food.

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the opening of Miyako Messe Exhibition Center, the first “KYOTO FOOD & CRAFT MARKET” will be held on March 12th (Sat) and 13th (Sun).

craft beer

“KYOTO FOOD & CRAFT MARKET” where producers gather

Kyoto has a food culture and customs that have been rooted in the land since ancient times. In addition, Kyoto, which stretches from north to south, is rich in nature such as mountains and the sea, and is blessed with ingredients.

Therefore, this time, a market will be held where producers and young creators who are not yet widely known can take home a variety of ingredients carefully made.

Eat and support the area!Introducing some of the products opened

At the KYOTO FOOD & CRAFT MARKET, 16 businesses from all over Kyoto, from Tango in the north to Yamashiro in the south, gather to sell their products themselves. Sweets made with ingredients from Kyoto, foods and seasonings from Tango, Kyoto vegetables, craft beer, and many other ingredients made in Kyoto that you can enjoy at home are lined up.

Canelé made with ingredients from Kyoto


The vendors are Ujikoen (Japanese tea), Kizakura (craft beer), Nanzenji Tofuya Hattori x Preserved food lab (tofu and preserved food), Yano (Tango produced food), Marché de Yorimichi (sweets and jams).・Kyoto Miyazu olives (seasoning), etc.

There are also rice, fermented foods, pickles, edible wild plants, bread, coffee beans, craft chocolate, and other ingredients that will enrich your dining table.

Oboro tofu with Japanese pepper scent

Sweet and sour pickled Zingiber mioga

Stall fixtures in collaboration with “Design KYOTO to live with trees” are also available

“CRAFT POINT KYOTO” is also being held

“KYOTO FOOD & CRAFT MARKET” participates in “CRAFT POINT KYOTO” held at the Kyoto Museum of Crafts and Industry as the main venue.

Various events will be held until the end of March, such as the Marche “CRAFT POINT KYOTO KISOK” held every weekend by the creators of traditional industries, and the “March of Craftsmen” where you can enjoy demonstrations and product exhibitions by young craftsmen.

In addition, the “Kyoto Craft Map” is distributed free of charge, which introduces craft spots where you can experience and purchase crafts and crafts, such as shops and galleries that handle crafts, and laboratories that carry out production experiences and open factories. So you can enjoy walking around Kyoto with a map in your hand.

Location: 9-1 Okazaki Seishoji-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
free entrance
“Miyakomesse” website:

Session: February 19th (Sat) -March 31st (Thursday)


* The holding situation may differ from the time of publication of the article. Please check the latest information on the official website when using.

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