[Food area x Upcycling]”UP FOOD PROJECT” started in earnest at 8 participating companies | Press release of Coll Co., Ltd.

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This project aims to realize a circular economy through activities of “food area” x “upcycling”. Companies with the same feelings will come together to work on the upcycling, and aim to realize a sound material-cycle society while involving many consumers, with the “food” that everyone comes in contact with every day as a starting point.

1. Upcycling food residue into food
2. Upcycling food residues into things
3. Upcycling waste materials from the food industry
4. Upcycling waste materials that are not related to food into food-related products

1. Creation of new product development opportunities through interaction between emission companies and manufacturers
2. Joint promotion, sales and sales of up-cycle products
3. Examination of co-creation type business model such as collection and delivery of resources, storage, and joint primary processing


  • Project Participating Partner (The first penguins)

Coll Co., Ltd.(Project secretary)
Saraya Co., Ltd.(Product development support in terms of quick freezing technology and food hygiene)
Curetex Co., Ltd.(Development and manufacture of Japanese paper textile products and Halal vegan foods)
Store Distribution Net Co., Ltd.(Utilization of restaurant opening support results)
Tsuyakin Co., Ltd.(Development and manufacture of glue dyed products)
Shima Seiki Seisakusho Co., Ltd.(Support for local producers, development and manufacture of recycled paper yarn)
Paper Co., Ltd.(Development and manufacture of paper products using waste foodstuffs)
HRE Co., Ltd.(Development of organic cosmetics and intermediate materials)

Curetex (Japanese paper thread) x Tsuyakin (Korizome) Curetex (Japanese paper thread) x Tsuyakin (Korizome) “Washi’s gentleness mask”

Paper product Paper product “kome-kami” made from paper non-food rice

  • About future efforts

● We are looking for a distribution company as a partner who will co-create up-cycle products in terms of PR and sales.
● We will promote collaboration with brand-owning companies that aim to develop sustainable products.
● We will develop co-creation with food industry companies such as food manufacturers and restaurant chains.
● We have received multiple consultations from companies that discharge unused resources, and will proceed with upcycling product development.
● We are activating collaboration between partner companies (collaboration product development / sales collaboration).
● We will promote cooperation with local governments, universities, and other organizations.
● We are looking for consumer ambassadors to spread the project on SNS.

Developing businesses specializing in the area of ​​solving social issues. In October 2021, we launched the co-creative food business incubation “Sustainable Kitchen”, and as of March 1, 2022, we are proceeding with the following two projects.

Utilizing the latest processing and storage technology of food tech companies, we aim to revitalize the region by supporting the sixthization of the primary industry in the region.

We aim to realize a circular economy through activities of “food area” x “upcycling”.

● Sustainable Kitchen:
● Social Good Catalyst:
● Coll Co., Ltd .:

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