The music festival “TAKESHIBA PORT MUSIC FESTIVAL” will be held on March 20th (Sun) and 21st (Monday), 2022 as a town development event in the Takeshiba area through industry-government-academia collaboration.


This event is a new waterside music festival held at Takeshiba, which is located on the waterfront overlooking Tokyo Bay, with the aim of connecting the city and people with the power of music and achieving the development of the city with a sense of unity. With the concept of “BORDERLESS MUSIC”, we will create a comfortable place full of entertainment so that everyone can enjoy a wide variety of non-genre music together indoors and outdoors regardless of age or gender. Many popular artists will appear on the stage in a wide range of genres such as classical jazz, opera, game music, idol live, live VR painting, Japanese drums, and street piano. In addition, based on the current social situation, we will hold real and online events at the same time so that you can enjoy it at the event venue or at home (limited to some events). Participation in each stage of this event requires the purchase of some tickets, and you can apply from the official website (URL: https://takeshibaportmusicfestival.jp/).

[Click here for online viewing (Instagram distribution)]① https://www.instagram.com/takeshiba_areamanagement/
② https://www.instagram.com/waters_takeshiba/

<Event summary
Holding period: March 20th (Sun) to 21st (Monday / holiday), 2022
Holding time: 10:00 to 21:00
① Indoor main venue : Tokyo Portcity Takeshiba Office Tower 1F Port Hall (https://tokyo-portcity-takeshiba.jp/)
② Outdoor main venue : Waters Takeshiba Plaza (lawn open space)
③ Other area venue : Dialogue Museum Dialogue Forest (Atre Takeshiba) / Mesm Tokyo, Autograph Collection, etc.
Organized by: TAKESHIBA PORT MUSIC FESTIVAL Executive Committee
Cooperation: Atago Police Station / Atre Takeshiba Store / Enshu Musical Instrument Production Co., Ltd./Kasai Holdings Co., Ltd./Kawai Musical Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd./CiP Council / Dialog Museum Dialogue Forest / Takeshiba Marine-Gateway Minato Council / Minato Ward Embassy / Mesm Tokyo, Autograph Collection / Yamaha Piano Service Co., Ltd./Roland Co., Ltd., etc. (in alphabetical order)
Support: Minato Ward

Click here to purchase tickets (official website): https://takeshibaportmusicfestival.jp/

[Main performers]Up Up Girls (Tentative) & Up Up Girls (2) (Idol Group) / ANIME SYMPHONY JAPAN (Anime Music Orchestra) / 1966 Quartet (String Quartet) / Emi Ogata (Voice Actor) / GAME SYMPHONY JAPAN (Game Music Orchestra) / Sa Nae-chan (YouTuber) / THE LEGEND (Opera Group) / Aimi Sekiguchi (VR Artist) / Miho Terachi (Saxophone Player) / Tomomi Fukui (Pianist) / Sakiko Matsui (Talent) and others (in alphabetical order)

[Performers related to the area in Minato Ward]Aoyama Junior High School Dance Club / Police Agency Music Corps / Onarimon Elementary School Drum Club / Onarimon Junior High School Wind Music Club / Same Dance Club / Shiba Commercial High School Dance Club / Ambassador to Japan / Ambassador’s Wife Chorus / Mita Elementary School Taiko Club (in alphabetical order)

[Introduction of performers (part)]○ 1966 Quartet (string quartet)

March 20 | Sun | 16: 00 ~ / PORT HALL STAGE

○ THE LEGEND (Opera Group)

March 21 | Monday / Holiday | 18: 00 ~ / WATERS STAGE

○ Sanae-chan (YouTuber)

March 20 | Sun | 14: 00 ~ / PORT HALL STAGE

○ Aimi Sekiguchi (VR artist)

March 21 | Monday / Holiday | 16: 30 ~ / PORT HALL STAGE

○ Miho Terachi meets mst (saxophone player)

March 20 | Sun | 18: 00 ~ / WATERS STAGE

○ Megumi Ogata (voice actor)
March 20 | Sun | 13: 30 ~ / PORT HALL STAGE

○ ANIME SYMPHONY JAPAN (Anime Music Orchestra)
March 20 | Sun | 13: 30 ~ / PORT HALL STAGE

○ GAME SYMPHONY JAPAN (Game Music Orchestra)
March 21 | Monday / Holiday | 19: 00 ~ / PORT HALL STAGE

○ Up Up Girls (provisional) & Up Up Girls (2) (idol)
March 20 | Sun | 19: 00 ~ / PORT HALL STAGE

This event will be held with former AKB48 Sakiko Matsui as the official ambassador. Mr. Matsui will be playing the piano at the orchestra performance held at PORT HALL STAGE.

For those who follow the music festival official Twitter and RT the campaign tweet (URL), a free invitation ticket (1 group 2 people) for STREET PIANO LIVE in TAKESHIBA PORT MUSIC FESTIVAL featuring Sanae-chan Present for 10 groups of 20 people! If you don’t mind, please join us.

▼ Application conditions
➊ Follow the following accounts
・ Music Festival Official Twitter → https://twitter.com/takeshibamusic (@takeshibamusic)
❷ RT the following campaign tweets (quoted RT recommended)
・ Target tweets:https://twitter.com/takeshibamusic/status/1497134282027855872

▼ Application deadline
Until 23:59 on Saturday, March 8

▼ Winning announcement
Winners will be notified by DM around mid-March (please set so that you can receive DM in advance).

Music Festival Official HP https://takeshibaportmusicfestival.jp/
Music Festival Official Twitterhttps://twitter.com/takeshibamusic (@takeshibamusic)
Music Festival Official YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsPhcA2LNVgM5r38UZ4znZg

■ About Takeshiba Area Management
It is an area management organization that utilizes various local resources in the Takeshiba area of ​​about 28ha and engages in community development activities involving various local businesses such as landowners, large-scale tenants, and governments. Established in March 2017, centered on Tokyu Land Corporation. In November 2018, we were designated as an urban regeneration promotion corporation in Minato Ward, and as a public organization, we are holding various events mainly utilizing public spaces under public-private partnership.

・ Official website: https://takeshiba-am.com/
・ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/takeshiba_areamanagement/
・ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/takeshiba.areamanagement/


■ About Takeshiba Town Design
A 6-minute walk from Hamamatsucho Station on the JR Yamanote Line, “JR East Shiki Theater[Spring][Autumn]/ Jiyu Theater” “Atre Takeshiba” “Mess Tokyo, Autograph Collection” “Takeshiba District Pier (in front of Waters Takeshiba)” It is a town management organization that operates the waterside complex “Waters Takeshiba” consisting of “Takeshiba Tidal Flat”. Established on August 1, 2019, with the JR East Group as the parent body. We are actively working to promote community development that makes the most of the waterfront centered on culture and art.

・ Official website: https://waters-takeshiba.jp/
・ Twitter:https://twitter.com/w_takeshiba/
・ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/waters_takeshiba/
・ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/waterstakeshiba/
・ Hashtag: #Waters Takeshiba #Free time at the waterside



KATO MUSIC & CREATIVE ENTERTAINMENT Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as KME) has strengths in the entertainment field centered on music and art, producing, promotion planning, digital communication, influencer marketing, casting, design, direction, video production, public relations PR. We are a brand marketing company that aims to solve problems by formulating and executing comprehensive communication plans by making full use of various service brands that provide solutions such as.

Official website: https://kato-entertainment.com
Established: December 7, 2018
Location: 1-2-3 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo Shiodome Shibari Palace Building 21F
Representative: Natsuhiro Kato

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