Retty “Food Data Platform” has started to provide restaurant information to Pioneer’s new on-board unit “NP1”. ~ Supporting new shop search experience by voice operation ~ | Press release of Retty Co., Ltd.

[About Pioneer “NP1”]

Providing a new driving experience with voice and communication, “NP1” is a completely new connected device equipped with driving personal voice AI, which is the first in the world. In addition to the car navigation function that operates and guides only by voice, the drive recorder function that does not miss recording by cloud recording, the Wi-Fi spot function that allows you to enjoy music and videos as much as you like, while adding and updating various functions, the driver’s Learn driving styles and evolve into driver specifications.


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[Details of cooperation with Retty]Retty provides restaurant information of 700,000 stores nationwide and AI support data generated by the recommendation engine from “Food Data Platform” so that you can comfortably search for restaurants on the move for “Smart Voice Navigation”. increase. For example, if you say “NP1, I want to go to delicious Italian food” while driving,Retty You can easily find popular stores and recommended stores by voice... In addition, even if the restaurant at the destination does not have a parking lot, “NP1” can propose and guide the parking lots in the vicinity, so you can move to the destination restaurant without stress.

[About “Food Data Platform” provided by Retty]

Collecting / storing / shaping / integrating / managing various data in the food area that is accumulated in the real name word-of-mouth gourmet service Retty and is continuously updated daily, and seamlessly links with big data and various services owned by each company. So, we started the service on October 1, 2019 as a big data linkage platform that can “create (co-create) new value”.
By linking “Food Data Platform” and “Big data owned by each company / organization”, planning / development of new products by creating new value, provision of services, marketing support, trend analysis not limited to food It is possible to utilize data according to various purposes such as. Since the start of the service, we have expanded cooperation with various companies and organizations such as Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd., CCC Marketing Co., Ltd., Open Eight Co., Ltd., Japan Tobacco Inc., and the Cabinet Office.

■ About “Retty”
“Create a new” food experience “and make your life happier. 』
The real name word-of-mouth gourmet service “Retty”, which started in June 2011, is used by men and women in their 20s and 40s as a gourmet service that “finds the best restaurant for you” in a wide range of age groups. increase. In addition, since August 2020, we have been providing the in-store mobile order service “Retty Order” that allows customers to order from their smartphones in the restaurant.

・ “Retty” iPhone app:
・ “Retty” Android app:

■ Overview of Retty Co., Ltd.
Company name Retty Co., Ltd. (Retty, Inc.)
Representative Representative Director Kazuya Takeda
Location 1-4-1, Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo Sumitomo Fudosan Azabu Juban Building 3F
Business description Operation of gourmet service “Retty” and provision of in-store mobile order service “Retty Order”

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