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Q. Which Japanese sweets do you want to eat at the “Hinamatsuri”?

A: Hina-arare
B: Hishi mochi
C: Sakuramochi
D: Three-color dumpling

Which one did you choose? Let’s see the result immediately.

What does this psychological test tell you?

Hidden charm

In deep psychology, the “Hinamatsuri” represents “growth” and “brilliance” as a woman, and the Japanese sweets eaten in the sunny seats imply “strengths” and “characteristics” that even oneself does not notice. Therefore, you can see your hidden charm from the Japanese sweets you want to eat at the Hinamatsuri.

A: You who chose “Hina-arare” … A place with a strong core

You who have a fluffy and cute atmosphere. I’m always smiling, and I may often adjust to the surroundings.

However, you really must have a strong and tough heart. I will not do what I am not convinced of, and when it comes to it, I should give out explosive power and survive troubles and pinches.

The people around you who have come into contact with your hidden charm will become your fans, even though you will be surprised at the gap between them and your usual fluffy image.

B: You who chose “Hishi mochi” … a little missing

The person who chose this answer is an adult woman with abundant sociality. She is common sense and is unlikely to make messy actions or remarks.

Your hidden charm, like a picture of such a seriousness, is surprisingly sloppy and heartwarming.

Even though I think I’m solid, it seems that the part that is a little missing is actually playful and familiar from the surroundings.

C: You who chose “Sakuramochi” … a flat and natural place

You seem to have an eye-catching presence and aura even if you are silent. Many of the people who chose this answer are so-called well-bred types, and it seems that they will mysteriously attract attention wherever they go.

Your hidden charm is that it’s loose and natural.

You are always flat and natural, even if you are noticed by others. That seems to be the point that everyone loves.

D: You who chose “three-color dumplings” …

Speaking of cheerful and fun characters, the person who chose this answer. Isn’t it friendly and you can quickly get along with the person you meet for the first time or the difficult type?

Your hidden charm is that you are sensitive and attentive. It seems like a master of making friends, but that’s because you can move with the feelings of those around you.

Anyone who knows you, regardless of gender, will have a bright mood and a caring trico that can reach the itchy place.


You may feel more confident when you discover the hidden charms that you didn’t notice. How about trying to be aware of your hidden charm in your daily life by referring to this psychological test?

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