March 3 Goldfish Day, the largest goldfish lantern in Japan, “Super Giant Nara Goldfish Lantern” with a width of about 7m and a height of about 3m will be unveiled!

■ “Super Giant Nara Goldfish Lantern”, the largest in Japan
Goldfish lanterns, a folk craft representing Yanai City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, have been specially ordered with the motif of Daruma.With a width of about 7m and a height of about 3m, it is the largest goldfish lantern currently installed in Japan.It will be. Daruma is originally in a state where both eyes are not written, and it is said that one eye is drawn when making a wish. And when the wish comes true, draw the other eye and add it. From such a custom,I want to make a spell that fulfills each wish by having the visiting customer take a picture with the other eye.The feeling is put.

■ Goldfish Day Collaboration Tour
[Overview – Held from 10:00 on March 3, 2022 (Wednesday)]

This tour, which was held to commemorate Goldfish Day on March 3, has three concepts: “experience,” “learning,” and “healing.” After visiting the goldfish farm, move to the Nara Goldfish Museum. However, we gave a lecture on the living body of goldfish, a lecture on how to raise it, and a tour of the museum by the staff in charge. Eight people participated and provided a chance to deepen their understanding of the local industry and at the same time to let them know about his efforts on SDGs through the breeding of goldfish.

1. Farm tour

2. Explanation of the ecology of goldfish

3. Staff tour of the building

■ Outline of Kingyo School – March 5th (Sat) and 6th (Sun), 2022 Two-part system 13: 00/15: 00 ~

A special course on goldfish, “Goldfish School,” will be held for two days, March 5th (Sat) and 6th (Sun). Here, we will hold classes where you can learn the importance of life and the preciousness of nature from the breeding of living things.
In addition, participants will be presented with an aquarium set and two goldfish, and will be taught the correct knowledge when using the product.

* There is no tour of the farm here. Only events in the Goldfish Museum.

Date and time March 5th (Sat) and 6th (Sun), 2022
Two-part system 13: 00/15: 00 ~ (about 30 minutes each time)
place Mi Nara 4F Nara Goldfish Museum
1-3-1, Nijooji Minami, Nara City, Nara 630-8012
Recruitment First-come-first-served 10 pairs each time (reception will end as soon as the capacity is reached)
* Up to 2 people per group can participate
However, the aquarium set and goldfish you will receive are one set.
Entry fee 2,000 yen (tax included)
* Nara Goldfish Museum admission fee included, participation fee paid at the venue
Official site https://www.gex-fp.co.jp/fish/campaigns/kingyomuseum/

■ Overview of Goldfish Museum
Opening hours: 10:00 to 18:00 (last admission 17:30)
Fees: Adults: 1200 yen (junior high school students and above) / Children: 800 yen (elementary school students) * Free for children under elementary school age.
Number of exhibits: You can see 38 kinds of goldfish, one of the best in Japan.
Location: 1-3-1 Nijooji Minami, Nara City, Nara Prefecture Mi Nara 4F

■ Official site: https://kingyomuseum.com/

■ New coronavirus infection prevention measures
As a point to prevent infection with the new coronavirus, the government’s new coronavirus infection control subcommittee recommends a humidity of 40% or higher. In addition, you can enjoy it with peace of mind because we thoroughly implement measures to prevent new coronavirus infection such as ventilation, alcohol disinfection, and temperature measurement at the time of admission.
・ Temperature measurement at work to manage the physical condition of employees
・ Employees wearing masks
・ Carry out alcohol disinfection of fingers at the time of admission
・ Install vinyl curtains at the ticket counter
・ 3 Admission restrictions are enforced so as not to be crowded
・ Alcohol disinfection of areas that customers touch on a regular basis
・ Ventilation by air

■ About “UWS ENTERTAINMENT Co., Ltd.” (Website https://www.uws.jp/)
Company name: UWS ENTERTAINMENT Co., Ltd.
Location: 3-9-1 Osugi, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo 132-0022
Representative: Masanori Miyazawa, Representative Director
Business: Event planning / operation, aquarium production / exhibition / maintenance, aquarium leasing / rental

■ About “GEX Corporation” (Website https://www.gex-fp.co.jp/)
Company name: GEX Corporation
Location: 1-14-15 Imagome, Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka 578-0903
Representative: Hiroki Gomi, Representative Director
Business: Development and manufacture of aquariums, small animals, dogs and cats, and reptile supplies

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