CHET Asia launches exclusive Japanese agent for Thai music label High Cloud Entertainment. Japan’s first broadcast of the hot new MV “Skrrt” including BamBam of GOT7 on Ajidora! | CHET Group Press Release

CHET Group Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yusuke Koike)’s new label CHET Asia, which develops IP with the power of “creativity x technology”, is a music label “High Cloud” that leads the Thai music scene. We have started a Japanese exclusive agent for artists and works belonging to “Entertainment”.

“High Cloud Entertainment” is a Thai music label established in 2021 by the super popular rapper “F.HERO”, the No. 1 live streamer artist “Pimry Pie”, and the producer “LOUIS 1-Flow”. There are many leading artists in the T-POP world, including Txrbo, THB, BoomBoomCash, WHAWHA, Pearwha, Bear Knuckle, and Don’t Try This At Home.

The collaboration song “Sad Movie (https://linkco.re/nsXRAXam)” by the popular actor Bright Vachirawit Chivaaree and F.HERO who played the leading role in the Thai blockbuster BL drama “2gether” became a hot topic in Japan and on YouTube. The total number of views of is over 19 million times.

In addition, we are actively engaged in cross-country movements such as collaborations with Korean artists. F. HERO, K-pop artist “Stray Kids” member Changbin and Thai rapper MILLI’s song “Mirror Mirror (Prod. By NINO) (https://linkco.re/ZRngBF8V)” charted in at No. 19 on Billboard. .. This work is widely loved by fans in both Thailand and South Korea. In addition, it was commended as the Best Music of the Year in the Collaboration Various Artist category of the TOTY Music Awards 2021 held on February 28, 2022.

“My Ambulance” (total number of views on YouTube over 240 million times), which has gained explosive popularity in Thailand, is “PARIS”, a former member of the boy group “9×9” and still active as a singer and actor. And, because it is a collaboration song of “PEARWAH” who belongs to High Cloud Entertainment and is popular as an actress and an artist, it is attracting attention.

■ “Skrrt” MV will be broadcast for the first time on Japanese TV!
“Skrrt” MV will be broadcast for the first time in Japan on the CS broadcasting channel “Asia Dramatic TV (Ajidora)”.

Main broadcast: Monday, March 5, 2022

■ About “Asia Dramatic TV (Ajidora)”
A specialized channel operated by Sony Music Solutions Co., Ltd. Broadcasts dramas, movies, and variety programs from all over Asia, including Korean dramas, China, Taiwan, and Thailand. Known as Ajidora.

■ About “Skrrt”
Skrrrtt ,,, Skrt Skrt Skrt
On the Road like Skrrrtt ,,, Skrt Skrt Skrt
Catch Me on the Road like Skrrrtt ,,, Skrt Skrt Skrt
Collaboration is realized by the reunion of Thailand’s No. 1 rapper “F.HERO” and Thai nationality K-pop idol “BamBam” for the first time in two years. At the request of BamBam, a cool-sounding hip-hop created by collaborating with rapper YOUNGOHM, who has hit songs with over 100 million views. I created the rust of “Skrrrtt ,,, Skrt Skrt” that no one can get out of my head.

“Skrrt” is a concept song that shows the sound of the tires running forward, starting from zero and running on different roads in your own way.

[F.HERO](* right side of the photo on the right)

A rapper who is extremely well known in Thailand, he is also active as a music producer for various artists. He wrote, composed, and produced songs that won his number one spot on major Thai music charts. He has a lot of collaborations with artists, and in 2019 he will also appear in BABYMETAL’s live performances.

[BamBam](* Center of right photo)

BamBam belongs to the popular Thai nationality K-pop group GOT7. His Instagram followers are 15.82 million, an artist loved all over the world. He is currently working solo. He released a song called “DO YOU” in collaboration with F.HERO in 2019, and this time it will be the first time in two years to collaborate with F.HERO.
[Youngohm](* Left side of the photo on the right)

A popular Thai rapper who has also won hip-hop awards. The MV released on YouTube has been played 1 million times within 15 hours, and has exceeded 23 million times in a week. He lists BamBam as his favorite rapper, this time featuring F. HERO and BamBam’s songs.

“Skrrt” -F.HERO x BamBam ft. Youngohm

Company name: CHET Group Co., Ltd.

Representative: Yusuke Koike, President and CEO

Location: Yamate Building 2F, 3-14-35 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

Established: May 2020

URL: https://chet.co.jp/

Twitter: Twitter:https://twitter.com/chet_group

Business description: Management / operation of corporate group through holding of stocks, platform construction / operation, IP management / investment, corporate investment, digital agent / creative production business, overseas expansion support
Contact for PR

CHET Group Co., Ltd. Public Relations


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